Career pathways

Career pathways

Career pathways

There are a range of career options and pathways available for electrical trades in New Zealand.

Electrician, Line Mechanic and Electrical Engineering are just some of the career options available. The outlook for electrical careers in New Zealand is good due to the construction boom and a shortage of suitable electrical workers within the industry.

To become a qualified and licensed electrical worker can take as little as 2 years to become an electrical serviceperson, or 4 years to become an electrician or electrical engineer.

To do prescribed electrical work in New Zealand requires registration and licensing. We have 10 classes of electrical registration, each with different requirements, limits of work and career opportunities.

boxout help Changes to classes of registration

Changes are being made to electrical trade classes. Information on this will be updated as of 27 October 2017. Read more about the changes to classes of registration here.

Electrical trade classes


Work ranges from wiring up domestic houses to maintaining equipment in a large industrial plant.

Training and getting experience takes 4 years. If you want to work while training you will need a Limited Certificate.

Electrical Service Technician

Work includes servicing commercial refrigeration units and maintaining 3-phase electrical equipment.

Training plus getting experience will take 18 months.

Electrical Appliance Service Person (endorsed to disconnect and connect)

Work ranges from repairing a household appliance to maintaining gaming machines.

Training can take up to 2 years.

Line Mechanic

Work ranges from installing high voltage transmission lines to repairing the overhead or underground power lines to restore power after big storms.

Training and getting the required experience will take 2 years.

Electrical Installer

Work ranges from installing security systems to installing air-conditioning units or renewable energy systems.

Training can take 2 to 3 years.

Cable Jointer

Work involves installing and joining high voltage power lines.

Training and getting the required experience will take 2 years.

Electrical Engineer

Work ranges from designing the electrical wiring of a building to doing the work of an electrician.

Training can take up to 4 years and combines work experience as well as completing an Electrical Engineering degree.

Electrical Inspector

Work ranges from inspecting the work done by electricians to doing the work of an electrician

Training can take just a few weeks if you are already an electrician and have been for 3 years.

Associated Tradesperson - Plumber and Gasfitter

Work ranges from installing water heaters to servicing waste disposal units.Training can take just a few weeks if you are already a plumber and/or gasfitter.

Master Plumbers and Gasfitters has a course co-ordination.

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