Exams and practical assessments

Practical assessments

Practical assessments are carried out by approved training providers throughout New Zealand. Practical assessments are managed by your training provider, not by the Board. Your training provider submits your practical assessment record to the Board.

If you are following the time-based pathway for Electricians you must complete separate practical assessments of your skills (Stages 1, 2, and 3), these are provided on-demand throughout the year. Contact your training provider for details.

Training providers and courses has a list of Board approved training providers throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Electrical Appliance Serviceperson (EAS), Electrical Service Technician (EST), and Electrical Inspector practical assessments are included as part of the training course for these classes. You do not have to sit these separately.

You must sit separate practical assessments for Electricians (Stages 1, 2, and 3) and these are an assessment only of the skills you have acquired in the workplace.

If you are doing a competence-based pathway, ie a New Zealand Certificate that we recognise for registration, practical assessments are not required.

Please make sure that your New Zealand Certificate is one that we recognise.

Courses and tuition

Courses run by our Approved Training Providers will contain tuition on the theory required for your chosen class of registration and may also contain practical skill tuition. Some courses are exam preparation courses that build on substantial electrical knowledge from previous learning. If you have no previous electrical learning then you will need more than one course to prepare for our exams, see a Training Provider for more guidance.

Name of course Theory tuition Practical tuition Type of course End result
Electricians theory yes   Exam preparation block course Eligibility to sit exam
Electricians theory yes   Night classes Eligibility to sit exam
Electricians regulations yes   Exam preparation block course Eligibility to sit exam
Electricians regulations yes   Night classes Eligibility to sit exam
Electricians practical assessments   No tuition, assessment only Block course only A pass meets time based pathway requirements
Electrical Installer theory yes   Check with Training Provider Eligibility to sit exam
Electrical Service Technician yes yes 2 week block course or night classes (block course may combine EAS tuition in first week) Eligibility to sit exam and assessment pass meets time based pathway requirements
Electrical Appliance Serviceperson (including endorsed) yes yes 1 week block course Eligibility to sit exam and assessment pass meets time based pathway requirements
Associated Tradesperson yes yes 1 week block course Eligibility to sit exam and assessment pass meets registration requirements
Inspector yes yes 1-2 week block course Eligibility to sit exam and assessment pass meets registration requirements

Courses may be offered as block courses over 1- 2 weeks or as night classes over a semester. Pick the type of course that suits your situation. For example, if English is a second language, you may prefer a course that includes reviewing a previous class's learning before moving onto the next class.


Aspeq have advised the following:

Due to the Government introduction of the Covid-19 Traffic Light System, there will be a requirement for all candidates attending an examination to be fully vaccinated from Monday 6 December 2021. Candidates are asked to provide proof of their vaccination status by providing their My Vaccine Pass when requested.

My Vaccine Pass(external link) — Covid-19.com

If you are unvaccinated for any reason, we ask that you please contact our customer services team so we can discuss the possibility of alternative arrangements.

Customer Services Contacts: Ph: 04 9139812 or Email: info@aspeq.com

Examinations are carried out by Aspeq Limited. You can register within the Aspeq system(external link) and book an examination online. The online booking process will advise you of the appropriate reference material for your examination.

You must have an EW number to apply online. If you don’t have an EW number request one here(external link).

Online examinations are run throughout the year at Aspeq facilities and results are released within 24 hours.

Please check with Aspeq Limited as to the written material and other items you are permitted to take into an exam with you.

Examination and the results process — Aspeq Limited(external link).

The fee for Aspeq examinations is $155.25 and may be charged by the training provider as part of a course fee. If you are re-sitting an exam, the fee will be requested at the time of application.

After three attempts at sitting an exam, the Board requires a 3-month stand-down period in which you are expected to do further study (or training if required) before you can attempt another exam.

When you enrol, you must identify your training provider as they are required to confirm your eligibility to sit an examination.


As exams are multiple choice the remarking of an exam is not an option. However, an exam can be reviewed for the robustness of questions and if questions have not been phrased clearly a mark may be awarded. Please note that reviewing rarely finds more than one extra mark.

If you find a question ambiguous, you may flag this question and after the exam you can make comments for the Aspeq examiners to determine whether the question should be re-written for future use, and possibly award a mark. You will need to request a review of your exam if you believe a specific question (and any others) will make a difference to your result.

Further Notes regarding exams

Online exams allow a candidate to re-sit almost immediately, however if you fail three attempts at the exam there is a stand-down period of 3 months. This is to ensure that candidates review their notes and do further study or receive further tuition, if required.