Exams and practical assessments

Exams and practical assessments

The requirements to obtain registration include completing and passing the appropriate examination and practical assessments for the class of registration you are seeking.

To be eligible to sit an examination, you must have completed a tuition course with an approved training provider.

Tuition courses and practical assessments

Courses and practical assessments are carried out by approved training providers throughout New Zealand. Practical assessments are managed by your training provider, not by the Board. Your training provider submits your practical assessment record to the Board.

You need to sit separate practical assessments for Electricians (Stages 1, 2, and 3). These are provided on-demand throughout the year. Contact your training provider for details.

Electrical Appliance Serviceperson (EAS), Electrical Service Technician (EST), and Electrical Inspector practical assessments are included as part of the training course for these classes. You do not have to sit these separately.

Training providers and courses

Practical assessment application form [PDF 591 KB]

You can find course material required for tuition courses here: Course material required for Board exams 2019 [PDF 70KB]


Examinations are carried out by Aspeq Limited. You can register within the Aspeq system and book an examination online. The online booking process will advise you of the appropriate reference material for your examination.

You must have an EW number to apply on-line.

Online examinations are run throughout the year at Aspeq facilities and results are released within 24 hours.

More information regarding the examination and results process can be found on their website.

The fee for Aspeq examinations is $166.75 and may be charged by the training provider as part of a course fee. If you are re-sitting an exam, the fee will be requested at the time of application.

After three attempts at sitting an exam the Board requires a 3 month stand-down period in which you are expected to do further study (or training if required) before you can attempt another exam.

When you enrol, you must identify your training provider as they are required to confirm your eligibility to sit an examination.

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