Applying to sit exams

Applying to sit exams

You can either apply through your training provider to sit exams or apply directly on-line with Aspeq.

In order to sit an examination you must apply either on-line or using an application form that will enable your training provider to apply on your behalf. Your training provider/exam centre will be able to tell you if they will apply on your behalf or if you will need to do so.

You must have an EW number to apply on-line.

The exam fee for all EWRB exams is $166.75 and may be charged by the training provider as part of a course fee or if you are re-sitting an exam, the fee will be requested at the time of application. A sitting fee that covers the administration costs of running the exam in May and June can also be requested at the same time by the exam centre.

Enrolment in the May and June exams must be made to Aspeq at least 10 working days before the exam date. The methods of payment are those offered by your selected training provider.

Late exam application for the May and June exams will be accepted up to five working days before the exam date, but will incur an additional fee.

Please contact Aspeq to book a late entry examination.

Fees will be forfeited if you do not attempt or are absent from the examination and a satisfactory explanation is not provided to Aspeq.

After June 2018 with the introduction of on-line exams, the late fee will not apply as booking for an exam can occur up to 1 working day prior to the exam.