Exam dates

Exam dates

Schedule of dates for examinations, including announcements of any ‘special exams’ being held.

2018 Examination dates

5 May 2018 EAS
12 May 2018 EST
23 June 2018 EAS
EAS (endorsed disconnect/connect)
Electrical Installer Theory
Electrician's Theory
Electical Inspector
30 June 2018 EST
Electrician's Regulations

All examinations sat after June 2018 will be computer delivered.

Latest date that computer exams will be availableExam
8 September 2018 EAS
15 September 2018 EST
17 November 2018 EAS (endorsed to disconnect/connect)
Electrical Installer Theory
Electrician's Theory
Electrical Inspector 
24 November 2018 Electrician's Regulations 

From September 2018 (for EAS and EST exams) and October or November 2018 (for other EWRB exams) Aspeq will be offering on-line examinations to be held at either one of their examinations centres or at your Training providers venue. Exams will no longer be available only on specific dates but available throughout the year. In order to sit an examination, however, you must be eligible to sit (ie completed a course of instruction) and have this verified by your training provider.

Due to the change to on-line examinations the requirement for Special non-scheduled exams may no longer exist. See Special exams.