Re-marking and return of exam scripts

Re-marking and return of exam scripts

Need to have your exam paper re-marked or want to get your paper back earlier than usual?

Re-marking of examination scripts is available to all candidates up to 21 days after the posting of a failed result notification. You can apply for a re-mark through the Aspeq booking system. After 28 days the examination script is returned to candidates thereby negating the option for you to obtain a re-mark.

If you wish to have your script back earlier than the 28 day re-marking period, please contact Aspeq, there is a fee payable to Aspeq for this. Your exam paper is scanned before the original is returned. If you then decide to apply for a re-mark the scanned copy is sent for re-marking.

Once on-line examinations begin a request for a remark is replaced with a request for a review. See their website for more information on this process.

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That normally re-marking is no longer possible once examination scripts are returned to candidates (unless we scan the script beforehand).