Special exams

Special exams

Can be requested for a number of reasons, often religious or medical, when a candidate cannot sit an exam at a scheduled time or has qualified for an oral examination. Two to 3 months' notice must be given to allow sufficient time for an examination to be written and arranged.

Special written examinations

Special examinations are offered where the candidate’s circumstances have precluded them from sitting an examination at a regular time.

When applying for a special examination, the applicant:

  • must offer, in writing, a valid reason for requiring a special examination
  • must apply giving three months notice to allow sufficient time for an examination to be arranged
  • must undertake a course of tuition relevant to the examination. This can include the requirement that the tuition be "one-on-one"
  • the supervisor for a special examination is arranged by the Board or is approved by the Board. The fees (if any) for supervision are paid by the candidate and are a matter for negotiation between the supervisor and candidate.

Please note that special examinations will not be available for the May-June 2018 examinations. When the examinations move to computer delivery they will be available on a regular basis for sittings. If you are urgently needing to sit an examination and are unable to sit in the scheduled May-June 2018 sittings please contact Aspeq.