Safety training

Safety training

Must be completed within 3 months of the issuing of your Limited Certificate or completed before applying for a Provisional Licence. This applies to both trainees and overseas applicants.

Trainee safety training

This training is designed to prepare you for the workplace and keep you safe, it should be equivalent to appropriate unit standards. Once completed any refresher of this training can be a Competence Programme.

Overseas applicants

As you will have already done safety training as part of your overseas training your Limited Certificate safety training can be a refresher level and a Competence Programme including Safe Working Practices (ie A2B Consulting a course provided by a approved provider) will meet this requirement.

If you are an overseas applicant required to do a Practical Assessment before registration the Safety Training can be done at the same time (as part of your skills being assessed).

Planning ahead

As training must be completed within three months of issuing your certificate, we advise planning your safety training early, as training does may not happen regularly in many areas such as rural New Zealand.

Ensure your safety training is valid

Safety training must be provided by a training provider and their programme approved by the Board.

If you are providing details on safety training already completed, your safety tuition must be valid i.e. carried out not more than 24 months prior to the application for your registration and licence.

Training providers and courses has a list of approved safety training providers.

Safety training providers

Limited Certificates applicants include overseas applicants where a Limited Certificate is required to do prescribed electrical work in New Zealand while working towards registration.