Renewing or cancelling Limited Certificates and Provisional Licences

Information on how, and under what circumstances, your certificate or licence could be renewed or cancelled by the Board.

Renewal of Limited Certificates

To renew your Limited Certificate you will need to demonstrate to the Board that you have made every effort to fulfil the initial issuing requirements. Any renewal of a Limited Certificate will be for one year.

Cancellation of Limited Certificates

Any Limited Certificate is subject to cancellation if the Board is satisfied that the holder:

  • did not satisfactorily complete instruction in safe working practices, testing, basic first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as approved by the Board
  • has not complied with supervision instructions
  • has repeatedly worked outside the limits of the Limited Certificate.

Refusal to renew or cancellation of Limited Certificates

Prior to making any decision in relation to the refusal to renew or cancel a Limited Certificate the Board will:

  1. observe the rules of natural justice
  2. without limiting those rules, give the applicant -
  • notice of any matter that may give the Board cause to refuse to renew or cancel a Limited Certificate
  • all information the Board will be considering in relation to the matter
  • reasonable opportunity to make written submissions and be heard on the question, either personally or by a representative.

Change of supervisor

Any change of supervisor must be advised by sending in a Limited Certificate application form with the new supervisors’ declaration. There is no fee required.

If a supervisor advises that he is no longer your supervisor, your Limited Certificate will be suspended until we receive your new supervisor’s declaration. You may not do any prescribed electrical work while the Limited Certificate is suspended.

Renewal of Provisional Licences

An application for the renewal of a Provisional Licence will be required to appear before the Board to answer questions in relation to the efforts they have made to meet the registration requirements for the class of registration for which the Provisional Licence was granted or to make written submissions attesting to the same.

Applicants should not expect to receive a renewal without there being extenuating circumstances as to why they have not meet the registration requirements for the class of registration for which the Provisional Licence was granted.

Further information

Rules of the Board

This document details the policy and procedures for the issuing of Limited Certificates and Provisional Licences.