Safety training

You must complete your safety training within 3 months of the Limited Certificate being issued or completed before applying for a Registration Class.

This applies to both trainees and overseas applicants.

Safety training for Limited Certificates involves safe working practices and testing procedures, CPR, and basic first aid.

We advise you to plan your safety training early as it may be difficult to find a course being held on a regular basis in many areas of New Zealand.

Trainee safety training

This training is designed to prepare you for the workplace and keep you safe; it should be equivalent to appropriate unit standards. The actual unit standards are required if you are completing a New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering.

The appropriate unit standards are:

  • Safe Working practices = either 29465 or 30658
  • Testing for safety = either 15852 or 30657
  • First Aid and CPR = 6401 and 6402

Trainees working in high voltage should do the following unit standards – 28020, 18038, 10507, 6401 and 6402.

If you are preparing to apply for a registration class and have unit standard 15851 instead of 29465 or 30658 for Safe Working Practises, this historic unit standard is recognised for your required safety training.

Once completed, any further safety training courses carried out for a Practising Licence application need to be a Competence Programme (appropriate to your trainee class). Renewal of your Competence Programme should be done at least every 2 years and must be current when you apply for registration.

Overseas applicants

If you are an overseas applicant with full training in electrical safety including first aid and CPR, your Limited Certificate safety training can be a refresher level course rather than the standard safety training course. However a Training Provider will want to see evidence of that former training, especially where first aid and CPR are concerned, to ensure that you have the basic knowledge that makes a refresher course appropriate. Appropriate courses for fully trained Limited Certificate holders can be a Competence Programme with an added unit of Safe Working Practises, e.g. a Site Safe Electrical Passport. If you are not fully trained or have only work experience granting you a Limited Certificate then you should do a standard Safety Training Course that is offered to trainees. Any refresher as a Limited certificate holder subsequent to this safety training can be a standard Competence Programme or safety training.

Planning ahead

As training must be completed within three months of issuing your certificate, we advise planning your safety training early, as training does not happen regularly in many areas such as rural New Zealand.

Ensure your safety training is valid

Safety training and Competence Programmes must be provided by a training provider and their programme approved by the Board.

If you are providing details on training already completed in New Zealand, your Competence Programme must be valid i.e. carried out not more than 24 months prior to the application for your licence.