When to apply for a Limited Certificate

Trainees or those who meet the registration requirements can hold Limited Certificates, including electrical workers trained overseas who apply for registration in New Zealand.

Different circumstances could lead you to apply for a Limited Certificate:

  • if you are working towards obtaining an electrical registration, and need extra work experience for your registration assessment
  • if you wish to assist with carrying out all the prescribed electrical work that your supervisor is entitled to do.

Both Trainee Limited Certificates (TLC) and Limited Certificates (LC) come under the same “umbrella” and a second or subsequent limited certificate regardless of the type (TLC or LC) will be counted as such. Ie a TLC followed by an LC means the LC is a 2nd LC and any registration requirements must be completed within the duration of that 2nd LC.

If you're a trainee

A trainee is a person who is undergoing instruction or training in any class of prescribed electrical work for the purpose of obtaining registration. They include apprentices who are working in the electricity industry.

Your trainee Limited Certificate enables you to work while you train, to become a registered and licensed electrical worker. A trainee Limited Certificate is issued with the expectation that you will complete your coursework and examinations during the currency of this Certificate. While you can be issued a second TLC, it will only be granted for 12 months and a 3rd TLC will require a Board meeting decision.

The requirements for obtaining a trainee Limited Certificate are:

  • your employer supports your application and completes the relevant section of the application form agreeing to supervise you in accordance with Board rules, and
  • your tuition in safe working practices and testing, CPR, and basic first aid is completed within 3 months of the issuing of the trainee Limited Certificate.

Trainee cards

You must be a Board approved trainee for your experience to be acknowledged towards registration and hold a Limited Certificate trainee card. The card is issued with the obligation to complete the directed coursework and examinations during its currency. The applicant will be advised of the required coursework and examination aspects at the time of issue.

If you need to complete registration requirements

A Limited Certificate enables you to work while you complete any requirements, such as certain examinations or work experience, for your registration as an electrical worker. You must provide a statement from the registered and licensed person who will supervise you as you carry out prescribed electrical work.

If you are completing exams after an assessment of overseas qualifications and experience your limited certificate will last one year.

If you are completing work experience, your Limited Certificate will last for the time required to satisfy the registration requirements.

Training qualifications and requirements has details on what is required for your electrical career.

Limits of work and supervisors

The holder of a Limited Certificate may assist a supervisor in doing any prescribed electrical work that is relevant to the particular class of registration being sought. That entitlement is provided the electrical worker holds a current Limited Certificate and is supervised by the nominated supervisor whose practising licence allows that person to do the work.

A supervisor is a registered person in one of the following classes of electrical registration. Electrical Inspector, Electrical Engineer, Electrician, Electrical Installer, Electrical Service Technician, Electrical Appliance Serviceperson, Line Mechanic or Cable Jointer.

Regulation 93 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 requires that any prescribed electrical work a trainee may do, or assist in doing, is any work that is within the particular class of work for which the trainee is seeking registration, and that is within the scope of work that the trainee’s supervisor is authorised to do.

Limits of work has more information on what types of electrical work you are permitted to perform.

Training registration class Duration of trainee Limited Certificate
Electrician 4 years
Electrical Service Technician 18 months
Electrical Appliance Serviceperson 18 months
Electrical Appliance Serviceperson (Endorsed to disconnect and connect) 18 months
Line Mechanic 2 years
Electrical Installer 2 years
Cable Jointer 2 years
Electrical Engineer 1 year

Provisional Licences

Some applicants may also get the opportunity to have a Provisional Licence which enables a person to work without supervision but limits that work.

  • a holder of a Provisional Licence cannot certify their work, nor supervise others
  • a Provisional Licence is only issued for up to 6 months while the holder completes outstanding registration requirements.

The Board will advise you when applying for registration if an applicant is eligible to apply for a Provisional Licence.