Australian qualifications / experience application

Use this form to submit an Australian application to the Board for registration, or have any questions about an application in progress.


  • This form cannot be saved. Assemble all required information before starting this internet application.
  • All information and supporting documents must be in English. Where documents have been translated a copy of the original should be included.
  • Attachments must be PDF or JPG format, maximum total size of all attachments 20MB.
  • Only one file can be uploaded per attachment action (below) so you may need to combine all references, for example, into one pdf file.
  • Payment by credit card is required for internet applications.
  • If you do not receive an automated email reply after hitting the submit button, the upload was unsuccessful. Please try again.
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1. Your details
2. Your application

Download and complete registration application form 1.3

For more information refer to the instructions on the application form or contact us. Please ensure:

3. Your photo

To ensure that every ID card is produced to a high standard, images submitted with your application must be:

  • a face, head and shoulders shot, looking directly at the camera and less than six months old
  • no sunglasses, or glasses with tinted lenses that obscure your eyes
  • 3:4 – width to height ratio, in full colour
  • between 50KB and 5MB in size (or printed image for paper applications).

The Board will also refuse photographs which are not of adequate quality or are composed in a way that is unsuitable for use on an ID card.

4. Passport page

The Board will require a certified copy of the personal identity page of your passport to confirm your identity. The witness must be a person authorised to witness a statutory declaration.

5. Competence Programme

If you do not have an EW number your Competence Programme provider will be unable to notify your course completion to the Board. Please submit evidence of course completion.

6. Australian licence

Please submit a certified copy of both sides of your current Australian licence or licences. The witness must be a person authorised to witness a statutory declaration.