Before you apply

Before you apply, check that you meet our registration requirements and have all your supporting documents ready.

To apply for registration, you must meet the training, qualification and entitlement criteria for your class of registration. If you are a time-based applicant, you must also have the required work history statement(s) from your supervisor/employer(s).

Training, qualification and requirements has more information.


Check carefully to ensure you have the following:

  • You are able to satisfy the Board that you are a Fit and Proper Person.
  • You are able to pay the required registration and licence fees.
  • Precise details of your electrical work experience and the duration of that experience.

Prepare your supporting documents

You will need to provide the following documents in your application:

  • certified copies of your certificates/qualifications (don’t submit original documents)
    Note – certification of your copied documents must be done by either a Justice of the Peace, a Public Notary, a solicitor or NZ court registrar. Please do not ask the NZ police to certify your copies.
  • details of your safe-working practices, testing, CPR and basic first aid coursework
  • originals of your work-history statements from your employer(s) (time-based training)
  • a certified copy of proof of Identity – drivers licence or passport photo page
  • a photo that meets the criteria for your ID card, if you are applying for your licence
  • payment details (Credit/debit card)

Work history statements from supervisor/employer(s)

If you are applying for a registration using time-based training entitlement criteria, you need to provide work history statements.

The Board is required to view signed, original references on letterhead from a supervisor or an employer(s), with a supervisor(s) counter signing, detailing the actual electrical work the employee has undertaken. Please ensure your references meet the requirements.

Work history statements requirements

Payment details

Registration fee: $350 incl. GST for New Zealand-trained applicants.

Practising licence application fee: $250 incl. GST - the licence is for 2 years from the date of registration.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card for your registration and licence.

Ensure you meet the requirements

For your registration to be approved by the Board, you must first successfully complete the required training. Completing the training also ensures a practising licence can be issued at the same time as registration is approved.

Safety training

Safety training is compulsory for all registration classes. Any person applying for registration must have completed a safety training course including safe working practices, testing, basic first aid and CPR prior to application.

Find an approved provider of safety training

If you have completed a National Certificate then safety training will have been completed as part of that programme. If you are an experience pathway then the practical assessment you completed included safety training. However it may now be out-of-date. If it was done over 2 years ago you will need to renew this safety training by doing a Competence Programme.

Find an Approved Provider of Competence Programmes

Competence-based or time-based training

For competence-based training, you need to train through an appropriate industry training organisation that has an agreement with the Board.

For time-based training, you need to pass the appropriate theory exam or exams, complete the appropriate practical assessment and demonstrate sufficient electrical work experience for the registration class sought.

The details of entitlement criteria and the training and qualifications required to register in each class are detailed on the following pages:

Training, qualifications and requirements for New Zealand applicants.

Board's policy on fit and proper persons [PDF, 524 KB]

Fit and proper person

All persons who apply for registration or a practising licence must satisfy the Board that they are a ‘fit and proper person’. If you are concerned that you may not meet the criteria, say due to previous criminal convictions, please read the Board’s policy on Fit and Proper Persons. You may not meet the criteria if you have been convicted of an offence punishable by more than 6 months imprisonment or you have pending charges that are punishable by over 6 months imprisonment.

Fit and proper person process flowchart [PDF, 81 KB]

Requirements for photographs

To ensure that every Licence ID card is produced to a high standard only passport standard and sized photographs will be accepted.

Licence ID cards sets out the requirements for new cards and photographs.

If you think you might not meet the Board’s criteria then please select this option on the registration application form when you complete it and submit it. A licensing officer will be in contact to discuss your circumstances.


The Board has discretion to license a person who does not meet the criteria if they are able show that they are a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

Next steps

Apply now if you are in or have been trained in New Zealand.

Registering with overseas qualifications/experience has details if you are overseas or were trained overseas.