Apply for registration completion and a practising licence

How to finalise your registration after you have completed all registration requirements. You must have already paid for a registration assessment and have previously been issued an assessment letter detailing your registration requirements.

How much it costs to apply

The fee is $250 (including GST) for a practising licence. If you have not previously paid for a registration certificate (with your registration assessment fee) you can pay this fee of $75 if you decide you would like one as well. This fee is optional.

You can pay for your application by credit or debit card.

How to apply

To apply you'll need

  • fill in the application form 1.4, it has the option to pay for registration completion
  • pay the application fee or fees
  • provide supporting documentation – e.g. a New Zealand reference if required and evidence of safety training if not entered by your Training Provider
  • provide a photo (passport style) for your licence card- if not previously submitted
  • submit the application.

Overseas registration application form [PDF, 372 KB]

Prepare supporting documents

Organise and scan the following supporting documents. PDF and JPG formats supported:

Proof of your identity (if not already submitted)

This can be a certified copy of your passport personal identity page. The witness must be a person authorised to witness a statutory declaration.

Oaths and Declarations Act 1957(external link) - Legislation website

Detailed references

If your assessment letter has required you to have New Zealand experience then the reference(s) you supply must show us that you have had sufficient experience in the area in which you are seeking registration. These references should be on letterhead, dated and signed by your nominated supervisor(s). We are looking for proof that the type of experience you have had matches our requirements.

Work history statements

Safety training

A Competence Programme offered as a refresher for practising licence renewals does not cover the Safe Working Practices (SWP) element of the safety training requirement for registration (and a Limited Certificate). Ensure that you complete safety training that includes SWP, for example Safety Training for Limited Certificate holders or a Site Safe Electrical Passport.

Safety Training for Limited Certificate

Requirements for photographs

To ensure that every Licence ID card is produced to a high standard, only passport standard and sized photographs will be accepted.

Licence ID cards sets out the requirements for new cards and photographs.

Size of your application

Your application must not exceed 20 pages of single-sided documents. Exceptions can be approved where documents have translations attached.


Overseas qualifications / experience application

To apply for a Overseas Qualifications/ Experience application click this button to submit your application and upload your documents

Apply now

Alternatively applications and supporting documents can be mailed to:

Electrical Workers Registration Board
PO Box 10156
Wellington 6143
New Zealand

Please do not courier applications as this may delay processing. Applications via fax or email are not accepted.