Complete your registration to be issued a practising licence

To finalise your registration, you must have already paid for a registration assessment and have previously been issued an assessment letter detailing your registration requirements.

If you have not yet paid for a practising licence when you applied for registration go to “Apply for registration completion and a practising licence”

If you have paid for a practising licence with your registration application (only available since October 2021) go to “Apply for registration completion”

Apply for registration completion and a practising licence

If you have not previously paid for a practising licence you can do either of the following options

  1. Apply by using a paper-based form for a practising licence along with any supporting documents that we require, OR
  2. Go on-line and apply for a practising licence while also sending a reference(s) showing your required New Zealand experience to

How much it costs to apply

The fee is $250 (including GST) for a practising licence.

You can pay for your application by credit or debit card or account to account online (option 2 only).

How to apply (option 1 - paper based application)

To apply you'll need to:

  • fill in the application form 1.4, it has the option to pay for registration completion
  • pay the application fee or fees
  • provide supporting documentation – e.g. a New Zealand reference if required and evidence of safety training if not entered by your Training Provider
  • provide a photo (passport style) for your licence card- if not previously submitted
  • See below for meeting practising licence requirements

Overseas registration application form [PDF, 459 KB]

How to complete registration and then apply for a practising licence (option 2 - online)

To apply you'll need to:

  • Log-in to your portal and select “Apply for a practising Licence”
  • evidence of safety training if not entered by your Training Provider
  • provide a photo (passport style) for your licence card- if not previously submitted
  • email reference(s) to – Subject line “Registration completion – (your practitioner ID (EW number)”

Complete your online application by meeting the practising licence requirements

Apply for registration completion

How to complete registration

If you applied for registration and a practising licence at the same time then no further application or payment is required. However, you will need to contact us to advise that you have completed all registration requirements. If you were required to complete further experience in New Zealand, you must supply a reference attesting to this.

An email can be sent to or send by post. Check that you have completed the following:

  • All registration requirements as specified in our assessment letter.
  • Completed safety training and a recent Competence Programme (see Safety training)

Prepare supporting documents

Organise and scan the following supporting documents. PDF and JPG formats supported:

  • Proof of your identity (if not already submitted)

This can be a certified copy of your passport personal identity page. The witness must be a person authorised to witness a statutory declaration.

Oaths and Declarations Act 1957(external link) — Legislation website

Detailed references

If your assessment letter requires you to have New Zealand experience then the reference(s) you must demonstrate sufficient experience in the area you seek registration. These references should be on letterhead, dated and signed by your nominated supervisor(s). We are looking for proof that the type of experience you have had matches our requirements, and your supervisor considers you fully competent within your limits of work.

Safety training

A Competence Programme offered as a refresher for practising licence renewals does not cover the Safe Working Practices (SWP) requirement of safety training for registration (and a Limited Certificate). You must complete safety training that includes SWP, for example Safety Training for Limited Certificate holders or a Site Safe Electrical Passport.

Practising Licence requirements

To meet the requirements for holding a practising licence you will need to complete a Competence Programme with a Board Approved provider. A list of approved providers is on this website however you can also look for a provider and book in to a course through your online portal(external link).

Depending on the time frame of your journey towards registration you may wish to combine your safety training and competence programme.

Check with your provider if they offer a programme that covers both.

Requirements for photographs

To ensure that every Licence ID card is produced to a high standard, only passport standard and sized photographs will be accepted. You will need to upload a jpeg file when applying on-line.

Licence ID cards sets out the requirements for new cards and photographs.