Working in New Zealand

Planning to work here

To work independently in New Zealand as an electrician or other electrical worker, you need to gain New Zealand registration and a practising licence. If you are registered or licensed overseas, this experience may be recognised towards gaining full registration in New Zealand.

Please refer to these government websites for further information if you are planning to work in New Zealand.

Process for registration as an overseas trained applicant

Step 1

Register as an Electrical Worker here: Request a EW Portal account(external link) and login in to your EW Portal.

Step 2

Apply for a registration – Overseas trained applicants. Select “Apply for practitioner class (Registration)(external link)

Choose the “Registration Class Overseas Experience” pathway. Upload supporting documents, pay and submit your application.

Step 3

Application is processed and assessed

Step 4

Assessment is completed with outcome: Limited certificate is offered or application is declined

Step 5

Limited certificate application applied for and processed

Step 6

Complete requirements stated in outcome letter while holding Limited Certificate

Step 7

Apply for a practicing licence to complete overseas registration

Apply for a registration – Overseas trained applicants

Apply for a registration – Overseas trained applicants