Forsyth [2020] EWRB CE22195 – Final Decision

  • Complaint number: CE22195
  • EWRB number: EW043099
  • Region: Auckland
  • Registration class: Electrician
  • Decision date: 20 March 2020
  • Penalty: 147M(1)(f) - Fine 147N - Cost
  • Disciplinary grounds: Section 143(a)(i) - Negligence / Incompetence Section 143(f) - Failed to provide / false return
  • Summary: The Respondent negligently created a risk of serious harm to any person, through having carried out or caused to be carried out prescribed electrical work as well as failed to provide an Electrical Safety Certificate and Certificate of Compliance. The Respondent is ordered to pay a $1500 fine and costs of $500.

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