Returning to the industry

If you have obtained registration in the past, or hold a current registration but no practising licence, you can become licensed/registered again.
Reasons for having your registration deactivated may have been due to moving overseas, or leaving the industry for a time.

I was registered in the past but it has been deactivated. How do I get my registration active again?

Please contact us on our 0800 number or send an enquiry through our online form. We will need to check your file to determine the reason your registration was removed from the public register. We will then advise you of the process and what is required to restore your registration.

You will most likely need to complete:

  • A Restoration of name or NZ registration application form,
  • A questionnaire for your class of registration to assess your understanding of current standards and regulations,
  • A Competence Programme course through a Board approved training provider to confirm your current competency, and
  • Pay a restoration of name fee OR registration application fee, and practising licence fee.

I am currently registered but I never applied for my practising licence/have not held my practising licence for 10 years or more - can I still apply for a practising licence now?

If you have never held a practising licence or have not held one in the last 10 years, and your registration is still active, you will need to contact us.

You may need to provide/complete:

  • A passport standard photo for your ID card, and
  • A Competence Programme course through a Board approved training provider, and
  • Pay a practising licence fee of $250.00.

We will contact you advising of the next steps for both situations above.

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