Apply for a registration assessment

Apply for a registration assessment

This page details how to get your overseas work experience and overseas qualifications assessed for registration.

How much it costs to apply

The fee is $1,650 (including GST) for each application.

You can pay for your application by credit or debit card. All payments made outside the New Zealand banking system should be made by credit card.

How to apply

To apply you'll need

  • fill in the application form
  • pay the application fee
  • provide supporting documentation
  • submit the application.

NOTE: If you hold a current Australian licence view this page.

Prepare supporting documents

Organise and scan the following supporting documents. PDF and JPG formats supported:

Proof of your identity

This can be a certified copy of your passport personal identity page. The witness must be a person authorised to witness a statutory declaration.

Detailed references

Your references show us that you have had sufficient experience in the area in which you are seeking registration. These references should be on letterhead, dated and signed by your supervisor or employer. We are looking for proof that the type of experience you have had matches our requirements.

A role as an Electrical Engineer or Electrical Technician, can mean many different things in different countries, so we need to have your role explained to us, so that we can tell that your experience is suitable for registration. You can attach a position description to your reference. Please make sure that you refer to it in that reference and show that you personally performed those duties.


All submitted qualifications must be certified by authorised to witness statutory declarations.

For those applying for Electrician registration, your overseas qualifications may entitle you to exemptions from some registration requirements. These possible exemptions only apply to Electrician registration as all other classes require the completion of EWRB approved courses and examinations. If you are applying for electrician registration then please submit your overseas qualification for consideration and we will advise you if it is accepted for any exemption. You may be required to obtain an independent assessment of your qualification.

For those applying for Electrical Engineer registration, please ensure that you also submit a qualification assessment letter from NZQA or Engineering NZ.

Size of your application

Your application must not exceed 20 pages of single-sided documents. Exceptions can be approved where documents have translations attached.

Additional information

If you are an electrical worker planning to emigrate to New Zealand, our aim is to ensure you understand our registration and licensing requirements, and how well you may meet them, before you emigrate.

We do NOT need character references, minor qualifications (gained prior to your main qualification), Transcripts and certificates of attendance at upskilling courses. These may be of interest to employers but have no bearing on the assessment process.

Your qualifications and experience will be assessed against the criteria for registration and must meet the rules of the Electrical Workers Registration Board with regard to Proof of identity and authentication of overseas documents.

If you provide copies of documents, you need to have these certified by a person who is authorised to administer oaths and declarations under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957. A Justice of the Peace (JP) is an example of an authorised person.

If details on the copy are not clear, or there is doubt about its authenticity, we may ask you for original documents. We will return all original documents to you once we have made a decision on your application.

If the information on your qualification, certificate, registration or licence is not in English, you must include a certified English translation.

Submit your application

It is quick and easy to submit applications to become a registered electrical worker via internet. Applications mailed to the Board’s postal address take longer to receive and process.


Internet application

Click this button and attach your documents to submit an application for registration supported by overseas qualifications / experience via internet.

Apply now

Alternatively applications and supporting documents can be mailed to:

Electrical Workers Registration Board
PO Box 10156
Wellington 6143
New Zealand

Please do not courier applications as this may delay processing. Applications via fax or email are not accepted.

NOTE: If you hold a current Australian licence view this page.

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