Check if your qualification is recognised

Check if your qualification is recognised

Check if your overseas qualification(s) and experience is recognised in New Zealand for obtaining registration as an Electrician, Electrical Service Technician or Line Mechanic.

The Electrical Workers Registration Board has a policy and procedure manual for the recognition of overseas qualifications and experience.

This policy and the procedures are to ensure a consistent and fair approach is taken in assessing and recognising the qualifications and experience of all applicants, including those from overseas and New Zealand.

If you are an electrical worker planning to emigrate to New Zealand, our aim to ensure you understand our registration and licensing requirements, and how well you may meet them, before you emigrate.

Recognised certificates and experience

The following pages outline the certificates, issued in other countries, which are currently recognised by the Board, and their policy relating to each certificate, for the purpose of Section 81(b) of the Electricity Act 1992.

Certificates become recognised where an analysis of the training, both on-job and off-job, tuition and examination that the holder has to undergo to gain that particular certificate confirming some equivalence to New Zealand registration requirements.

Recognised certificates originate from a number of sources. From Australia they are almost exclusively those licences issued by statutory licensing authorities. Recognised certificates from other countries are issued by licensing authorities, educational institutions, individual companies, worker organisations (such as unions) or employer organisations (such as craft guilds or chambers of commerce).

The Boards policy does not make a distinction between a certificate (licence) that may have legal status in the country it is issued and a certificate that has no legal status in the country it is issued. Both are recognised after analysis is applied equally to both types.

Certificates by issuing country has information on each country's certificates. 

Next steps

If your certificate is recognised 

A person applying for registration and holding a recognised certificate is automatically entitled to the exemptions provided by that certificate. The certificate may, in itself, be evidence of the completion equivalent examinations and/or the completion of the work and skill experience requirements.

Get advice on registration requirements, to know what you need to do to get registered and licensed, if you are exempted from any requirements, and what further requirements you still need to meet.

If your certificate is not recognised

A person applying for registration but having no recognised certificate – that is, a qualification that is not listed in our recognised certificates above – must provide relevant documentation that establishes equivalence with one or more of those qualifications cited in our manual. If there are no recognised qualifications but they have provided work references, the application will be noted as “No exemptions”.

Apply for registration assessment. At this stage, we undertake an assessment of your work experience, to establish equivalence with our registration requirements.

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