Recognition of Venezuela's qualifications and experience. Find out how the electrician registration compares in Venezuela to New Zealand.

Electrician Registration

Apprenticeship Completion Certificate

1. Description

The certificate must specify the completion of an apprenticeship conducted by INCE (Instituto Nacional de Cooperacion Educativa) and be endorsed with the words instalador montador, electromecanico or electricista de mantenimiento.

2. Equivalence to New Zealand Requirements

This certificate:

  1. Exempts the holder from the 3rd stage theory examination requirements.
  2. Is evidence of the completion of 4 years work experience that has incorporated the skills in paragraph 1(2) of Clause 1 of Schedule 1 of the Electricity Regulations 1997.

3. Registration Requirements

The holder of this certificate must:

  1. Pass the 3rd stage practical assessment or examination.
  2. Pass the regulations examination.
  3. Complete the safety instruction requirements of Clause 3 of Schedule 1 of the Electricity Regulations 1997.