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Fantastic. I think that's most of our group this afternoon. Again, thank you very much for joining us today, we're going to be demonstrating the new Electrical Workers Occupational Licensing Platform, and also the Continuous Professional Development systems.

So this group today is for training providers. If I can get you to mute if you're, if you're not speaking, that'd be fantastic, cool, thank you. So these two new systems, we are planning to go live with them on Monday, the fourth of October. And to support that go live, we're running a series of demonstrations this week. And we'll also be providing some user guides for everyone as well. These have been drafted, but we'll be updating them at the end of the week, after we've had all of these sessions. So if we've got any common questions that have been raised, we'll put those into the user guides as well.

During today's session, which will be run by Jo, please feel free to interrupt during the session to ask questions. So either unmute yourself to speak up, or there is a chat function at the bottom of your screen that you can use as well. If you are unfamiliar with zoom, please shout out and we can have a quick one on 101 in this session as well.

If we don't know the answers to all of your questions straight away, and we will put those into a parking lot. And we'll come back to you with the answers and some screenshots as well. So we'll be doing this for all of the sessions that we're running this week. So the summary of the Q&A, if you like will be available later in the week. And we're also recording these sessions as well, so if you want to revisit the session, or share the session with other colleagues who weren't able to join you today, we can facilitate that as well. And just, of course, if there's any terminology that we're using today that you're unfamiliar with, please shout out and we can clarify what we're talking about as well. But I will hand you over to Jo now. Thank you.

Kia ora, everybody. Welcome to this afternoon session, I'll just pull up my screen share.

Now, as Karen said, today we're going to be running through two new platforms that are planning to go live on the fourth of October. One of them is our competency platform, which is short named CPD, and the other one is our Occupational Licensing Platform, which we sometimes call OLP. I will try and avoid acronyms as much as possible throughout this though, as I do know that they can get a bit confusing. Now today, we've got a couple of different people within our audience. We've got training providers, as well as competency providers. Within the new platforms, we've kind of split up those two functions into two different areas that you go into.

First of all, I will take you through a little bit to do with the competency platform, sometimes called CPD, and just show you a little bit about how that works. And then I'll take you through the licensing platform, which is where our training and safety training will appear. So safety trainings will appear on the licensing platform. And specific competency courses will be in the continuous professional development in the CPD competency platform.

I can see that we've got a question to start with. Oh, great. That’s just Karen letting you know that if you do have questions, feel free to unmute, or you can use the chat functionality. I will be pausing throughout this to check in with everyone to see if you have any questions during it.

So to begin with this as our competency platform, the login details will be provided to you and when you log in as a competency provider, you will land on a dashboard that will look something a bit similar to this. There'll be some updated details of course, for example, your user details will be here rather than our test user.

In terms of how this will function, the competency platform provides a neutral platform for all competency providers to display the courses that they offer. It also has a little bit more functionality than what we currently have in terms of this platform will allow practitioners, so Electrical Workers, to sign up for courses, if the competency providers allow that function. So within it, we generally have courses that people would run on a fairly regular basis. And I've set up a basic one here, which is just an example. At the moment, it definitely covers very general things, we've got a placeholder picture, we've got some basic details here. And then there are some test events.

As a course provider, if you run the same course, over and over again, or even just more than once, you only need to have one course page. And then every time you run the event, you know, run the course, again, you just add an event into the list here.

Within this test course, there is plenty of information provided throughout the body, and this is all editable and your initial course will be set up to include the information that you have provided to our licensing team. If you are choosing to not use the functionality to have Electrical Workers sign up on their own, and you'd prefer them to sign up through your own website, or through you directly. We can add messaging about that into this page, so that it's really clear for all Electrical Workers, that they can see these course details, but if they would like to book, they need to contact you or they're able to sign up below.

I'll take you through to the events now as that is something that a competency provider will need to be quite aware of. These events allow you to give us a list of who has attended your events, and were they successful, did they successfully complete it. For this one, here, we can see an event that happened in the past, five people booked out of a maximum capacity of 10. So you can edit that capacity if you need to. And to take their attendance and say whether or not they passed or not, you can just select the take attendance button,

select all of the learners and then select what their outcome was. So if they all failed to show up, you can let us know. Or if they all attended and passed, then you can select to save that attendance.

Perfect. Now their details have been updated. Can see here that we've got one here. Can everybody see that information? Or only the provider who runs the course? Really good question there from I think it's that Corinne, I hope I've said that, right. So that would just be the provider who is running that course, and of course, our back office staff. So the specifics of who is attending your course, that is information that you would have, not everybody else. Other course providers would be able to see that you're offering a course, and that you have events on certain days, but they definitely would not be able to see the learners who have signed up for your courses.

If you were managing bookings externally from the system, so if you had a personal booking system that you wanted to continue to use, you can also choose to add users yourself. There are a couple of different ways to do this, so you can just click Add, and then it will pop up with a search list where you can search based on their electrical worker number or the name and select add them to your course. Or there is a file upload option, where you just provide us with a really simple file. It's usually a CSV, which is just one column have all of the electrical worker numbers, hit upload, and it will enroll them in this event and say, yep, they're booked under come in on the 20th. We'll be providing further guidance on exactly how that works in our user guides. So that's the kind of basics of the competency platform and how to manage an event that you've already set up. If you were wanting to go in and add a new event, for example, you've got something else coming up soon, you can navigate in the same way, you can go to view all events and either add an event here, or if you're using pretty much the exact same details, especially in terms of location, things like that, you can select Copy the event, then all you need to do is change the date.

So I'll quickly show you how that works. It will pop up all these details here and if you needed to change them, you can click this little cog to edit and change the date. So let's say this one's actually happening on the 30th of September. Click OK. And let's say it's not happening at 22 Test Lane, it's happening somewhere else, you can go select rooms, and then just select Create. So for this one here, you can either add it in as a building, so let's say it's at the town hall, and then you can say, well, how many people would be able to attend, and in that sort of area, it's like 20. And then just select OK. And now it's loaded that up. So that can be exactly what you need it to be, you can provide a fair amount of detail in it if you need to get descriptive and then you just hit Save Changes. And it will save it as a brand new event for you there. So now we've got three.

At the stage, were there any questions? Nope, perfect. There's a lot more guidance coming through when we provide user guides. They'll be coming through to you later this week. So if you do think of any questions between now and later on, anything after the session, definitely get in touch with us and we'll make sure that we can address those within the user guides so that you've got that information handy later on down the track.
Now I will take you through to our Occupational Licensing Platform. This is where our training providers, and our safety training providers will be adding the information about that. So slightly different portal with a different field. Because you're all known to us, we will be sending you out invitations to this particular portal. Actually not this particular one, this one is a development one, which is what you can see there, but you will be sent out an invitation to the portal, and when that arrives, you will click Yes, sign me up. And then it will take you through to this page here.

You can then choose one of the three identity verification providers that we are going to be providing in an ongoing way and this just as one way for you to log in, in the future. That brings us a bit more into line with other websites who have multiple options there. So for this one, I will choose to sign in with Google because that's what I have signed in with before.

It will take a little while to load and then it will log me and. Oh apologies, it is doing something rather fun for me. I will just yeah, oh, there we go. No, it works. Sorry, I'm in the development portal and sometimes that means that things take a little bit longer to load and I end up with error messages.

In any case, we have arrived here at the dashboard for a Training Provider. From here you can see who you are logged in as, and you can also see a history of any practical assessments or safety training that are in the draft stage. So anything that you've started, but you haven't quite completed yet, will display here and you'll be able to go in, edit it is it and submit it.

If you wanted to see your historical ones or ones that you'd already submitted, you can just choose that, and the drop down box here. So I can see here, there are a couple more that have already been submitted in the past infact, they've only gone through this morning, which is why they're still showing is in progress. It's the same for safety training here. It will automatically show you your draft ones, ones that are not yet submitted. And then you can change the drop down to see things that you've already sent in.

Really good question here. If there are multiple people who are going to be doing the reporting in the occupational licensing platform, we do have the capacity to set them up with separate logins that will all be associated with the same training provider. So, for example, on this page here, Bob could have three other colleagues who all also do this. And they can all be associated with the same overarching training provider. But they would all have their separate logins for this.

So in here I'll take you through quickly how we make you know, create a practical assessment and safety training. The processes really similar to each other. Oh, I can see we've got another question. Oh, great.

So to create a practical assessment, you just click this blue button in the corner. And then it takes us through. This is also where we can see the organization that Bob is associated with. He's associated with sparks R Us. So if there were a few other people who work for sparks Rs, when they come in to add a practical assessment, it will automatically put the organization in that field. Now, the subject line here can be used by you to help you identify these ones in the future. So for this case, let's say we ran a training course, or, you know, a practical assessment, and let's say this one was on the 17th of September. Of course, you can use whichever subject line will help you identify it going forward, I'm just using this one as a bit of an example for what you can use to help you identify which ones are from when. Then it takes you through to adding in a practical assessment. So of course, when you're running these sorts of courses, you can have many different people sign up, and they might even actually be being assessed under slightly different capacities. So when you select to add one, it opens up with this pop up here, where you can add the practitioner, the assessment they did, the date it was completed, the outcome, any comments that you need to add, and a file. So if there's a paper copy, or anything else like that, you can upload that here. So first things first, I will add in an example.

We've got Nina, and then it will show you her practitioner ID. And let's say Nina did electrical practical assessment stages one and two. We can then pick the date the assessment was completed. So we said this one happened on the 17th. We can add that in. And let's say she completed it. If we wanted to, we can add any notes here. And we attach the file. So let's say these documents and then select Submit.

Okay, and see we've got a question here: Can we add multiple trainees at once who did the same practical on the same date? Yes, you can. For that one there Mary, all you'd need to do is just select Add new practical assessment again, here. You can add as many as you like, through onto that at the same time. So each time you can add it in and add it in, and then once you select Next, that's when we would proceed forward.

Within the pop up window, though, you can only add one at a time. And that's because the file that we attach has to be associated only with one person. So we have to have a single pop up window for each individual. Because we don't want the documents getting mixed up between each other. Saying that it can get really quick to go through them individually though. So once you're used to it in once you've gotten the handle of I, and of course, once we're in the live system, which goes a lot faster than this one, you can go through and add things in really quickly. Especially if you've got the files ready to go. You can have them lined up and go through, hit submit. And then you'll see in the list here. Now I've got two people loaded up at the same time. So you can keep adding to that. And if you had a few more coming through and you thought I actually have got some coming in tomorrow. You can save this as a draft essentially by selecting next, which takes you through to the summary page, shows you everything that's going through and then instead of selecting next again, you can just hit straight back to home. Sorry, not home. Oh yeah, there we go, takes you back good. And then it will show up in your drafts here. At which point you can choose to go in and edit. We'll discard it at a later stage if you want to. So we'll go in and edit this one again. And take it through, and when you do select it, it does take you back to the beginning, just so that you can review all of the information. And if you needed to, you could change the subject on it. You know, for example, if you were going to include two days worth of assessments rather than one, you have that available. We can select Next, because we're happy with that. That's all the practical assessments we want to do today. Taking us through to the summary.

For the attaching of the file, I'll double check with our licensing team just to confirm what their requirements are. I do believe that, that is why there is the Attach File functionality there because we do need some of that information. But I will triple check that for you there. And we can get back to you on that question. So once we're in the summary page, we're able to view exactly what you've and the amount that that comes through. So these ones here $85 each. You then do a quick declaration down the bottom saying that you declare that the records being submitted are true and authentic. And just click Next.

Oh, perfect Sue has responded there for us. So the file should include both the application form and the practical record.

Right, so now you're at the payment and submission page, it gives you a bit of information around what happens next. So the application is now locked, because you have filled out your declaration to say yep, that's all true, that's good, that's exactly what we said. And it will be finalized once you've made payment.

So you can see here, when you select proceed to payment, it will redirect you through to our payment portal. And that's why we've got a little bit of reference information here for you before time, just so that you've got that available for you going ahead. So you can see here we've got a reference number, and we know the organization it's under. So before you navigate away, you know exactly what information is going through.

Perfect. So we can see here we're in sparks R Us. That's good, we've got an organization number, and we can see the fees here, we can also see the GST and the total. And you can choose whether you will be paying by a debit or credit card or internet banking, and there is the option to retain the card for future payments. Actually, this time I am going to select. Now if I select process payment, it's going to ask me for some tax invoice details. And that's because we don't have an address or an email address to send this to. To change the details, you just need to click on that blue button, and then it pops up here so that you can fill things in.

You then provide an email address where the invoice itself can be sent so that you've got that on record. So in this case, I've used my work one because this is work related for me. And it might be that you have a you know, a team inbox at your work that you would use for this or a generalized email address where you'd want it to be sent. But that is something that you can choose. So even if these have all already been filled out, you can still change where that gets sent as well when you are processing the payment. So if there's a specific email address that you are going to send things to, you can edit that there. Now we can select process that payment. Then we have our lovely credit card option here for us and I will just pull out my test credit card details that we've got very handily provided

and then we just select submit, perfect. From here it gives you a tax invoice number. And it also says where it's been emailed to so that you've got those records available to yourself, then navigates you back into that portal and you can select to go to your homepage again.

So are there any questions about payments at this stage. Perfect. And in that case, one of the last things I think it's really worth showing you is the invoice history option.

So here you can see that there's a link for view your invoice history. Once you click there, it will navigate you through, again to the same sort of Portal, we went earlier to make your payment, except this time, it's got a search functionality. So you can just search for all of your transactions, any unvoiced fees, you can also see what is available within there in terms of credit notes or refunds. If there was anything that needed to be done that way, you could also see ones that are open ended or closed. So if you had your reference number, you can add those details in and find it exactly. Or if you were just looking for things within a certain calendar month, you can search for them there. In this case, I'm just gonna have a look at all my transactions. When you select that, it pops up everything that you have previously paid for underneath your Bob Sparkles profile in this case. So you can see here all of these invoices with the references. You can extract all of these to a file, or you can extract them individually. those options are available.

So that is the Occupational Licensing Platform from a training provider perspective. I will take you through the safety training in a moment. But I did just want to ask, re there any other questions now?

I'm sorry, Karen. I'm hoping message but it didn't make it on time.

Can you hear me? I can hear you loud and clear.

Okay. It was back on the payment when you had this screen with the name of the description of the product and the delivery number. So there was two columns on the left with name, the name of the student appear there will not, on invoice on the invoice itself, it was a payment screen.

Okay, I'll just get us through this one here. So I had a backup practical assessment ready to go as well. I'll just take us through that process in a few just sing out when you would like me to stop I'm happy to go next year. Perfect. So we've got the application number an organization detailed their procedure to payment and submit. And now and here, is where you are wanting to see those one. Yeah. Okay, next to

description on the left side. Sorry, you got name, will the name of the student that we, that is enrolled, appear here?

No. So that will not appear there, that was contained within our like before you go to licensing. That is usually where that is although … just to identify

easily when we go through quite a few students. Yeah,

we've got the electrical worker number included in the description so it's not specifically their name but it is their electrical worker ID. So that is immediately available and visible throughout all the line items. So if you had 20 it's always the thing after the last dash that is exactly who that ones for, which I know isn't necessarily is immediately. You know, like when you glance at it, you can't see exactly who that belongs to necessarily. But they are all included there. And if we were to go back to our portal, just see if it will automatically log me in, Fingers crossed. Yep, it's locked us in which is good. I don't have any drafts, but before you do the confirmation of the you know, the information that you've provided is true. It does give you a list which includes those practitioner names all of the electrical worker names, it's just before you get to the actual payment screen.

You can also cancel the payment ahead of time here.

A sample of the internet banking cool, I will see if I can get that one to go through now that I have canceled that payment it should hopefully, allow me to redo that one. See, complete the payment, because we hit submit. But we haven't completed the payment on this one yet. So as you can see here, we do have the related practitioner, the qualification, and the amount all listed here. So if you're wanting to kind of eyeball that and keep a record of that, this is the page where you can quite easily do that based on name. Then proceed to payment and submit. Oh, sorry, that was the wrong one. We've already paid that one, of course, it's not gonna let us pay that again. I'll just create a fresh one, because it will be a lot easier.

The live system will be a lot faster than this, which I will be pleased about. But because we're in that development area, the test area, it does go a little bit slower. Okay, so for this one, let's add two people or that person, select the practical assessment, date completed, outcome, and we'll attach our file. Perfect, select Next. And we're on our summary page. Okay, we've got all of the details here relating to the individual and their assessment, and then also relating to how much the payment is, what it's for and who it's for.

Select the declaration. Proceed to payment and submit this in. Right. So in here, if you wanted to do the internet banking,

as you can see here, when I save that card last time, it's pre populated it. So if I wanted to, I could use it again. But if I wanted to do internet banking, you can follow these instructions here. You'll need to log in and make sure that you've got a business account which has the multiple signatories because of bank security features. And then process payment. Oh again, pesky tax invoice details.

There we go. Process thatnow, and you can see here, you'd go through you’d select it, make sure you select to the terms and conditions and select Next. Now as a warning, I don't have a test account to use for this. So it might block me pretty soon. But yes, then you just have a customer number and a password that you can provide. Select Next. And it will take you through those stages. Pretty logically in terms of selecting an account, making sure you've got reference details correct. And then providing a payment verification. So we'll cancel that for now. And cancel the payment

Right, account has not been charged, payment has been canceled a wonderful message to receive when you have exited out of doing it so it's good that provides a nice little pop up there to let you know that that's not gone through. Now I can cancel it, cancel and head straight back to our portal. And we can go from there to the homepage.

Were there any questions about anything else in terms of the licensing portal before we move into the safety training portion?

Perfect. The safety training is very similar to how practical assessments are loaded up so we can go on and we can create a new one really easily, we just click the blue button. Again, it prompts us, it's got our organization number there. And we can just say,

adding in a subject line that provides you with enough of a prompt to know exactly which one it is that you have loaded up here. From here, the adding a new safety training button is very similar. We find our practitioner,

we select the date that the safety training was completed, we put in a result, and there's an area for comments. And then you select Submit. If you want to add more people, you just select the same process again.

And you can build a list of them. Again, if you don't want to submit it all in one go and go end-to-end on the process, this can be saved, if you just want to go back to your training provider dashboard, you can.

So if you get halfway through and you've got a big list, you think actually I don't want to quite process these all right now, I'll do half now, do half later, you can do that. And it will just show up down here in your draft status. From there, you can just go straight back in by clicking on the little blue drop down box here and selecting edit. Really good tip there from Sue, just saying using their electrical worker number, copying and pasting, that into the search box is a wonderful way to find them, especially once we have more than our small sample size of test users in the system.

So you can see here, they're added by the electrical worker number there. But if you do, we're searching for somebody here, you can select the sixth search go ew. Se and then opening up everybody that starts with that number, if you were needing to add somebody who had a specific electrical worker number. For now, let's say that's all we wanted to add, select the declare, we recommend using the electrical worker number rather than the registration number because those things change over time. So the electrical worker numbers constant based on the person rather than what license they currently have, or don't have.

You then select Submit. And it gives you a message to say that it's been completed successfully, you can return to your homepage.

The electrical worker number Michelle, is that what they don't have? Okay, I will have a chat with a team and see whether as an option to search based on that, it might be that they need to provide this as a requirement. If you know who they are, and you've got their registration number and the one thing that they haven't provided is their electrical worker number, you can also go to the public register and find it quite quickly. So for this one here, let's say I'll use Nina again because she's my test person. Let's say Nina just gave me her registration number and I know who she is, I can come in here I can find Nina and when I click on her name, it loads her up and I can see in here her practitioner number, her electrical worker number so that information is always publicly available. So it is there, but it might not be if they haven't provided that to you. I mean that there is a way to find it. I would recommend though that it is something that is you know something that you would ask for.

We've got another question here which asks, do the participants who were incomplete from the drop down need to be added also? We would recommend adding them in because this forms part of that practitioner’s history. So if they have come along to the course and they have not done those things, then it's good for them to know actually, that was an incomplete you, you failed to complete that one there, but it is in your records that we do know that you, you gave it a go.

And we've got another question here from Mary, and those whose names is very common. Exactly. So in the Public Register, you do have the option to be able to search based on a full name, the registration number, their town and city, we do also have advanced search, which is available. So if you know, and you're not quite sure, but you know, let's say is John, and we know that he's in Auckland. Let's have a search and let's see if we can find anybody, nobody at the moment. That's because I'm operating off of test data at the moment, but we can go and we can search based on on single things alone, and it will pull it up for us. And when you do click on to them, if you're wanting to check that it's the right one, there are those things available in terms of the things that they have to provide on the Public Register. So their contact details that they have selected to be available. Also any kind of history of theirs in terms of the historic licenses and registration. So maybe they previously held one, for example, like Nina, She previously held an electrical installer registration that was suspended. So it's not something that she currently has, but her electrical worker number will remain constant.

So I can see here, we've got a couple more questions. Umm the date of birth itself is not visible to see, but there are lots of other details that you can identify them by.

And I see we've got another question. If we add the safety outcome on this portal, do we need to go back to the first portal you took us to? No, because it is not a competency element, we keep that in the licensing platform.

Okay, so I'll take us back to Bob and we can go through and basically see the history of the things that we've purchased today. So you can see here if we wanted to see what we've submitted, we can click Submit, under the drop down maybe the drafts or submitted ones. And from here, you can see this one's complete. If you want to view the details, you can click the drop down. And that will open a little thing which will tell you, these were the people, these are the dates, all those bits of information are available for you later on down the track. And it's the same for your practical assessments as well.

So you can see here, if we wanted to go in here and have a look at these, these ones are not completed payments at the moment, but if we wanted to view the details on them, we can see here, who these were for, how much they were for, and those details available. Alright, okay, so we've got a bunch of questions coming in, we'll just make this a bit bigger. Okay, so

can we still report someone if they do not have an EW number or not register with the EWRB yet? So for that one, if they haven't yet registered with us, then we wouldn't be able to collect the details in terms of things like that, but if they had completed an application, so if they've applied, then we will have an electrical worker number for them, even before they've got a registration number. So if they had never applied to be an electrical worker of any type, then we wouldn't be able to edit those details because they don't exist. But if they have made an application to us to become an electrical worker, we will be able to find them based on their electrical worker number, which they will have been provided when they made their application.

So on that front, the Michelle, if there were people who are going through this before they have done their application, then yip, so they can also sign up without applying for something they can. They can go through the sorry, the signup process for the portal. So they can go through and they say, yep, I want to register for the electrical worker portal, sign me up for that, that goes through a process and generates an electrical worker number for them. And then once they've got that sign up to the portal, they're able to go through and do other applications for registrations later on.

In terms of people who haven't signed up for the online portal at all, we are not aware of them, so if they were unable to be added in here, I would recommend that you contact us but also check in with those individuals as well if you were having any further contact with them to say, okay, what are you applying for something? Have you gone through any process there? Because if they haven't contacted us in any way, we don't know that they exist, so we can't collect the details.

Yeah. So yes, in the past, there might have been a bit more helping with that, from now on, they will be able to sign up to use the online portal as a practitioner is an electrical worker themselves, they can just request that on our website and that will be available to them. And we are providing a bit more guidance on that, in the very near future. We've got some documentation for them in terms of here's how to sign up, here's when to sign up. And all that information will be provided out for our potential Electrical Workers.

Perfect. Well, were there any other questions? All right, well, that's kind of taken us through to the end of that demonstration of those two platforms.

Perfect. I can see here, we've got one that's come through from Kim. So back to the competency, is that broken down with electrical safety and first aid? Or are they together? They’re together. Great, Sue beat me to it, typing is a little bit faster sometimes than reading out the questions.

Okay, so Kim has said you don't you often have people who don't do the first aid with you, but they have provided evidence that they have done it elsewhere? Okay.

Can I pop in here?

Of course, you can go for it.

Okay. So as long as they provide evidence that they've done first aid, and CPR elsewhere, and you view that evidence, and it's happened within the previous three months, then you can report it to us as complete. If they don't meet those criteria, then it's not complete. Okay.

Perfect. Thank you so much for that Sue. And I can see here that we did have a bit of information at the top here saying, can we have this info as well to guide them? Yes, that is something that we can provide out to you, if you would like, it will also be available on our website in general, for everybody that's involved, but I can request that we get that distributed to you as well.

Yes, I think that that's been added to or will surely be added to the safety training part of our website. But, and also the competence program path. Trying to keep them those two parts separate.

Perfect. Well, if there weren't any other questions, I will wrap us up at this point. Of course if they are any other questions that you think of, you know after the meeting oftentimes, when you're being shown something it's hard to think of the questions that you have at the time but if there is anything that you think of after this, and you want to get some answers on that front, feel free to contact us. And as Karen said at the beginning of this meeting, we will go through collect all of the answers to the questions that we haven't answered today, and include those with the kind of more detailed information about these systems later in the week. Oh, and a good one here, from Carine, Who do we contact? Is that me? So for that one there, I'll just confirm, Karen, did you have a preference on the use of contact us

If you just respond to the email invite that you received So Sue actually sent those out, but if you respond to that, then all of those questions will come through to us.

Perfect. Thanks for that, Karen. So yes, that covers off were will be collecting that information and yeah, if you do have any further questions, get in touch by responding to their email otherwise, we will be sending stuff out later this week, which will contain much more detailed information about the system.

Great, thank you, everyone. Have a lovely rest of your Monday afternoon and we look forward to any of those additional questions coming through. Thank you very much. Bye