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competency provider with safety training responsibilites

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So we'll be making those recordings available as well afterwards. During today's session as well, feel free to unmute yourselves at any time to ask a question, or is there's a chat function at the bottom of your screen and you can pop your questions in there as well.

If there are any questions that we can't answer straight away, we'll take those away with us and we'll come back to you with the answers as well. If you're unfamiliar with zoom, and you need a bit of a hand, just let us know and then we can quickly stop and give you a one on one.

And likewise, if we're using any terminology that you're not familiar with, please let us know and we'll explain as well. It's never good to assume that we're speaking the same language, even if we, we think we are. Right, so I will hand you over to Jo.

Morena everybody, I'll get my screenshare up in just a minute. But as Karen said, if you do have any questions throughout the session, do feel free to unmute yourself and ask away or use the chat functionality within zoom.

I will also be pausing key points throughout the demonstration to ask if anybody has any questions as well. So let's get that screenshare started. Perfect.

So we have landed here in the development version of our login page for our Occupational Licensing platform. The Occupational Licensing Platform is going to be available through a portal for trading providers to come in, give us information on training that has occurred, and have that information there for them going forward. So you can look back at historical ones, it's also going to be available for our electrical workers to log in, make applications update their details.

First of all, let's just check the chat perfect. It's just Karen saying if you do have any questions, you can just respond in this chat section.

So with this login portal, as training providers, you will be sent an invitation to the training portal through email and to redeem that you just click on a link and you will arrive on this page here.

From this point, you will be able to select which identity verification provider you want to use long term to sign in. So if you wanted to keep using to use RealMe, or to use Microsoft or Google to login going forward, you are able to do so.

For this example, I'm going to use Google to sign in, because that's how I have set up this little profile to work. And it will log us in as a training provider. Now keeping in mind today, I'm showing you everything that is in a testing state. So this is not the final version. And it does take a while longer to load than our final version will.

Did we have any initial questions just post this page loads?


Perfect. And because it took so long to load, it's showing me an error message, which I know is a problem, but it, will not being in the final version. So if I click log in again, if it loads quickly enough, yes, it has logged me in correctly because I had previously selected to use Google to log in.

When you log in as a training provider, once you've gone through those two steps there, you will land on a dashboard. From here it provides you with some pretty basic information around what to expect. It includes three main headings which are invoice history, practical assessment, and safety training. If you don't provide safety training, this will not be visible for you. And you do not need to worry about it. But if you did, that table will be visible.

When you arrive here, if you want to see historical things that you have previously provided to us, you can select the drop down here to see your submitted practical assessments. Or if you're wanting to see ones that you're currently working on and haven't quite sent through to us yet, it will default to show your draft ones that are in a draft straight. From here along the top, you can also go and see your profile, you can navigate to the Public Register. And this home button just brings you back to this page. Where there any initial questions around the dashboard itself, or anything that it contains?

Perfect. Well, from here, I'll show you how we go through and we create a practical assessment within the system. To do so you just click the blue box here, which loads up a second page. From here, it gives you a bit of an overview on the first Details section, which just the application number will populate automatically, tells you which organization you're associated with and from here, you can add in a subject line to keep track of the things that you're sending in.

So for example, if this was a training course that took place today, you might say, you know, this was a assessment that you did on the 22nd of September 2021. And then you can select next. That subject line can be whatever you choose it to be. So if you wanted to make it more detailed, you can, if you were happy to use a different system, in terms of like numbering it, if that works for you, then that's perfect, you can use what you would like. The next page it takes you to is this page here, which has a table which currently has no records. So to add a practical assessment, you just click Add.

This takes a while to load because I'm in the test version of the system. Apologies for the delay on this, it's going much slower than usual this morning. There we go. And then here, this is where you load in the details of those practical assessments.

To add a practitioner, you can search for them either using their name, or their electrical worker number, which in this system is referred to as the practitioner ID, because it's specific to that person.

And from here, you can search or pick. So if I was looking for somebody whose electrical worker number started with EW 200, I could search and it would pull those people up, or I could put in the whole name, the whole number here, or just the name. So for now I'm going to put Brownie Brown and then I'm going to choose the practical assessment.

You can either search for it here if you know the name. Or if you're happy to scroll through, we have the ones here, so let's pop Brownie Brown down for an electrician practical assessment electrical installer stages one and two, go select. We can select now the date that that was completed and provide an outcome. The outcomes that we have in this drop down list are complete or incomplete. And there's a comment section, so if there was any further detail that you wanted to add about this particular assessment of Brownie Brown, then you'd be able to do that. This is also where you can attach a document. This is where you need to attach the documents associated with it. So you can just add them in that way. And then once that information, you're happy with it, you can select Submit.

Perfect. Now it will show up in the table here of the practical assessments that you have chosen to add. So in here you can add as many as you like. Let's add one more hoping that this loads a bit faster. There we go. That's better. And this time, let's pick Beige. We can either add the same practical assessment or we can pick a different one. Let's pick that one for now. Select the date it was completed, the outcome, add any comments. And then again, to add the file you just select Choose File and then select the one from your own documents storage system to load up here. Then select Submit.

The table refreshes, they're both in there. From here, you can select Next to view a summary of the assessments that you've added. So if you've added in quite a few, you can navigate through to the summary page to see a full list. And it will tell you, the ones that you've added. And the amount, you know, in terms of payment that's associated with those. If you weren't ready to quite finish it, you can navigate back to your homepage. And it will be saved in a draft state, both within this portal, but also in the back-end of our system. So the licensing team would be able to see that there were some draft things in progress. If you came back later on, and you wanted to finish filling that in and sending that onto us, you'll be able to see it in your draft practical assessments. And next to the one that you want to finish off, there's a little drop down and from there, you can either choose to edit it, or discard it, we’ll go edit it this time. When you come back to edit, you do have the option to change the subject line on it, if you want to.

You can also add additional practical assessments. So if there was one more that you were doing tomorrow, and you wanted to wait and edit, and then you could do that. And then when you're back on the summary page, you can have a look, make sure that you're happy with that before you do the final submit on it. For now I can see, yep, that works for me, so I will fill out the declaration to say I declared that the records being submitted a true and authentic and proceed to the final stage.

Once you proceed through from this page to the next, you can't edit what you're sending into us anymore. So if you wanted to add more people, you'd need to do that through a separate process of adding another practical assessment. So from here, you can see a little bit of instructions in terms of you know what has happened and what will happen next. So there's little thank you message for confirming that the application details are correct. And then to make your payment, select proceed to payment at the bottom of the screen, and it will redirect you to the payment portal. So we'll click on that and go through to the payment portal.

Sorry, I don't know why it's doing that. There we go. This should work now. Of course, sorry, apologies for that, just going to go back to the homepage. Because I had my pop up blocker lock in there, it wasn't able to process it. So I will go into it here because it has been submitted. But it's still awaiting payment. This one here. So I'm going to select to complete payment. So if you ever have a payment fail, or you navigate away from it, before you finish completing the payment, it will show up in your submitted practical assessments. But it will have the reason of ‘in progress’ because it hasn't been fully finalized. You've submitted it to us and said this, these details are final and correct. But the payment hasn't been completed. So we'll select payment, again, takes us through to this page here which just gives us a breakdown of exactly what to expect. You've got the individual practical assessments and the cost.

Apologies something is wrong with my payment gateway. For that one there, I do have a previous recording of the payment process that we will be able to send out to you because at the moment, I'm in the test system and that test information is not working. But when you do go through to the payment gateway, you will have the option to either pay by credit card or by doing it through your bank. And the payment portal will confirm the details with you and allow you to make that payment choosing the method of your choice. Were there any questions at this point about that practical assessment submitting it and that process?

Hi there Michelle. What would you like to go through? Oh, I can't hear you might need to unmute. So what if you’re making a payment through direct credit through the bank, through your finance department?

For that one payments need to come through the portal, so they can be done through this system only. So I think Sue might have provided some previous guidance in terms of that's a little bit of a change from the experience. But it does mean that the payments are all taken securely and correctly attributed straight away, rather than the possibility that they might get stuck in one of our bank accounts and not associated with the assessments and the appropriate amount of time.

So there will be something that we will have to do to say that payments coming. No, yeah, I just pop in there at the moment, you will have to pay to directly by credit card or by account to account, the direct credit option will not be available with this particular system. I'm not sure whether Weltech will be able to do that. Or whether we've got the option to do that.

Okay, so that we something we can definitely have a have a chat with you about this meeting. So if you can send through a bit more detail on if there are any specific limitations, that would be fantastic. Because if there are specific limitations, then that's definitely something that we want to know about ahead of time, so that we can make sure that that goes through, as it needs to.

Michaela your mic is really quiet. Oh, sorry. Can you hear me? Yes.

Yes, sorry. Um, what usually happens is I do a payment request form to our finance department, and they pay on behalf as well. So yeah, I'm kind of in the same boat as the other ladies.

Okay, well, that's definitely something that it would be good to get a bit of information from you specifically in your organization's around if the, if you know, if you have a company credit card, if that could be used, or if the specific bank payment, which unfortunately, because it's not working for me right at this moment, I can't show you right now, but we'll send you a recording of if that particular one wouldn't work for you. We'll need to have a discussion around that.

Thank you.

What I will do now is I'll resume sharing my screen, and I'll show you a little bit in terms of the invoice history. So when you pay through this portal it generates an invoice history that you are able to go and view later on. You can search for your transactions, if you're looking for specific ones, if you process high volumes of transactions, you're able to go through and see them all in one spot. In this case, Bob, who works for sparks r us, has only done three. He can go in and view those invoices here when he needs to, because he's paid through the portal. And he can also extract individual invoices, all of them. So if he was needing to get this information all out in one go, it's all easily available for him in the portal itself.

Just make sure that we've covered through these questions here, can see we've got one from Jean. Do we pay for each individual person? So when you're making the payment with this create the practical assessment option, it would be paying for all of those individual practical assessments that you've loaded, but you'd only have to pay once per time that you hit submit. So if you add in 20 people, and then you hit submit, you'd be doing one payment for those 20 rather than having to process individual payments per person.

Can I add in something there? Of course Sue. Because there may be question about practical assessments, the electricians ones stages, one, two, and three. Because we did, normally we into them is one, two, or three. But there's only the one fee. With this new system we've what we pay to do is itemize them is maybe one two and three together, one by itself, two by itself, three by itself, one and two by itself, or Yes. Any any. So you will notice that they all those options are available and the drop down list is a combination so that you only generate one fee per submission.

Yes, and I've just started to share my screen so that I can show you specifically where that is and what the electrician practical assessment stage one. And if we go to page two, you can see here we've got two or three and then we've got one and two, then one, two and three, two and three. So there are those combinations there so that you can just edit once rather than having to edit as separate lines and things like that. Perfect.

Well, were there any other questions at this particular stage? Apologies that the payment gateway is not working for me right now, we will definitely have a video that we can show you of what it looks like in terms of if you're paying via credit card, or if you're paying through a bank. And that is something that we can supply for you after this. But were there any questions during this meeting that you wanted to go through?

Yeah hi it’s Diana Hayward from Northtec? What I'm asking about is that we only pay or do the EST ones, is this is done through this process as well as doing the sending through all the things manually that we've done in the pas?

Yes this this one should cover this. Sue did you want to anything in particular?

Yeah, that's correct. This is covers all of the practical assessments, so EST is in there as well.

Okay, lovely, thank you. But I will also have the same problem is the other polytechs, that normally we raise a order with our finance department for them to pay the money to you. So we'll have to try to sort out something else, for the payment. Yeah …

… yes, I, we've got some suggestions, which we can probably email out to you, some, to going forward some areas we you might be able to explore. Okay, thank you.

Perfect. And in perfect timing, I have managed to get the payment gateway to open for us, which is fantastic news. So this is what it looks like, once you've hit that final submit and go to payment section. If you're paying through the portal, it shows you a breakdown of the fees. And in here it shows you the electrical worker number associated with that fee. You can then choose if you're wanting to pay by credit or debit, we're using internet banking, Payment Express uses the ones that are listed below. You can choose to use a new card or if you've previously made a payment, you can use the exact same one over and over. And you've got the option to choose to retain a card for future payment. And then you can add in tax invoice details.

So if you needed to provide a email address for something to go to, in terms of invoices, you can do so. So we can add this and have it there. So if we choose to go by credit card, we can process the payment now. If we want to do internet banking, we can go through that process as well. Is there any preference as to which one I show you now?

Okay, perfect. Well, I'll show you the first few steps of internet banking, because I can navigate out of it and then show you the full process with the credit card option because I do have a dummy credit card to use, but I do not have a dummy full bank account.

So within the payment, checkout opens a little sub window here. And from there, you can pick which bank that you're using, and select that you've accepted the terms and conditions and go to next. You then just provide your customer number and a password, select Next. And then you can pick from there your account that you want to pay from, supply the reference details, and then you'll receive a payment verification.

Okay, and we've got another question here, which is: Do we still email through the list of candidates to get or confirm the electrical worker number? You won't need to do that necessarily, if you've got their name, you'll be able to search for them when you're loading up their assessment. And if they have an electrical worker number, they will show up in the list. Alternatively, their details will be available on our electrical worker Public Register. So if you're wanting to look at them ahead of time, you can do so. And if they didn't have an electrical worker number yet, they themselves can sign up to the portal without even having made any application yet. And that will generate them an electrical worker number and then signing up to the portal takes maybe about five minutes to do so it's quite an easy process for those individuals to undertake themselves.

Perfect. So that is what that payment looks like for account to account. I can't go through the further stages because I don't have these details here available to be able to test in full. But they would just ask you to select the account that you would like to use provide the reference details and then it would provide you with a payment verification. At any stage you can always click cancel, and then cancel the payment.

And then it provides you with a confirmation that your account has not been charged and the payment has been cancelled, so nothing has gone through any further.

Okay, yes, in terms of if they have not previously been in touch with us, then they will need to sign up for the portal. We are providing guidance for them that we can also provide to you as providers that you can supply to anybody who is not already undergoing that process of applying to become an electrical worker. If you are their first step of interaction for them, then we can provide you with those details, which include a full end to end user guide for potential Electrical Workers in terms of how to sign up through the portal, and how to get the electrical worker number.

I'll show you the credit card or debit card payment now, using a card that previously used on this one.

Very happy to supply you guys with the user guides as well. Those will be coming through later on this week once we've incorporated all of the feedback that we've received from these sessions, just because we want to make sure if there are any frequently asked questions, we are able to do that.

And now you get to see the lovely session expired page, which happens when I have spent too much time having a chat and not enough time finalizing that payment. From there, it just exits you out. You go back to your homepage. And from here, hopefully, under my submitted ones, it will continue to work now and I'll be able to make that payment. But the credit card process is extremely similar. You just provide the details, either a new card, or you can use the same one, select process payment. Oh, and it will ask you to update your tax invoice details if you haven't provided an email address to send things to

Perfect because I'd previously saved and my credit card, it's gone through and completed the transaction here, just confirming a tax invoice number and confirming where a copy of the invoice has been sent. And then the transaction gets completed. And you have arrived here, welcome back, you've arrived for our payment gateway. If you completed your payment applications all sorted. If you selected cancel, it has not been submitted fully until the payment is complete, it will still show as in progress.

Perfect, where there any questions at the stage around the practical assessment portion of the site?
No. Now, I understand that not all of you do do safety training. So if you don't provide any kind of safety training, you won't need to worry about this. But if you do provide safety training, then you'll be able to create a safety training record in a very similar way to practical assessments. Although you won't have to make any payments.

Just, can I pop in here and say that if you are doing, you will be doing safety training generally as part of the practical assessment, so that will need to be also logged under safety training because it's needed for the registration process. Unfortunately, sorry. A bit of double handling but if they haven't done safety training as a trainee, for example, and need to do safety training for registration, that the ones the training they do during the practical assessment should be logged in here. Sorry, Jo I didn’t make that clear. No, that’s all good.

If you need to create a safety training record, again, you just select Create safety training, it loads up a page where you provide details. So we'll just label this one with today's date. Select Next. And again, apologies for the slowness of our development portal is definitely faster and the production version of it and the live version that you will be Using. Again, if you want to add a record of safety training, you just select the blue button. And then you can search for the practitioner using their name or their electrical worker number. It will automatically show up their practitioner ID underneath it, their electrical worker number. And then you can just provide the basic details again, when it was completed, what was the result, and then select Submit.

And then it will show in this table here. So you can go through and add as many as you like. And then to do a final submit on those, you just select, I declare that the records being submitted a true and authentic and then select Submit. Perfect, that's gone through successfully. And now we can go back to the homepage.

With the system here, that will also automatically push it through to our licensing platform, so that it is immediately available in the background so that if somebody does come in and make an application online, these records will be there straight away without there having to be, you know, specific processing required.

And we’ve got a question here from Jean around, is safety training where we would also upload first aid certification? Sue did you want to take the lead on that question there?

Yes, but it can only be first aid certification as part of full safety training. We don't uploaded that, we don't look at it as a separate item. It needs to be part of the full safety training, overarching, program. Yes. Sorry. That make hopefully, hope that makes sense. So please unmute if you want to clarify.

Yes, that's just if it's included as part of the safety training, perfect. If it's not, we wouldn't necessarily require a one off first aid certificate to be uploaded here. That's it's not something that we need for those registration checks that we have to do.

Perfect, I suppose the final thing I'll show you through the portal if there aren't any more questions about those practical assessments and safety training records, as the kind of slightly new look and feel of the Public Register.

From here, it's very similar to how it was previously. Although the wildcard search has changed a bit, if you know kind of semi how somebody's name is spelt, but you're not entirely sure, you can always use a percentage sign and select Search and it will pull them up. Alternatively, if you're trying to find somebody, and you've got their preferred name, but you don't have the full name, you can search for them in the Advanced Search section, which provides you with a lot more options in terms of who you're specifically looking for. So if somebody tells you Yes, I'm on the register, and you're having trouble finding them, the Advanced Search can be a really helpful spot to look at.

That kind of brings us to the end of that segment there, um in terms of showing you that new occupational licensing platform and how that would work in terms of providing the practical assessments and the safety training records. You can always view submitted ones, ones that you've done in the past here. If they say completed means you paid, if they say in progress, that means you haven't, and you can also view invoice history for payments that you've made through the portal that's available at all times when you log in.

I've got a question here from Michaela, will the new system have an effect on electrical apprentices registering and booking and for the exams through Aspec?

No, it shouldn't because basically it perhaps makes it a little bit quicker and easier for them because they, once they log into, once you've got an EW number, same EW number they use for booking in with Aspec.

Perfect. Well, if there aren't any more questions right now because I know sometimes looking at a new system, it can be hard to think of the questions at the time, feel free to contact us after this. We'll have some contact details available for you so you can see through any follow up questions. We will also be providing user guides to you later on this week, which will include any answers to questions that we have had come up during the session. And yeah, thank you very much for coming along and for your time and for your engagement. It's always nice to hear from people about this before it before it all goes live. So it's nice to hear from you all. I'll finish sharing my screen now. And I'll hand back to Karen.

Cool. Thanks, Jo. Yes, just to reiterate what Jo was saying, if you've got any other questions that you'd like to share with us, the easiest way to get them to us is to actually respond to the email, invite you had for the session. And then Susan, who received those questions and send us all of their information as well. As you could tell from Jo's presentation today, we've had a few technical difficulties, so we do apologize for that, but we will make sure that guys and any updates will be available by the end of the week as well and we'll see those directly to you as well. So you don't need to go anywhere.