New competency programme for licensed electrical practitioners

New competency programme for licensed electrical practitioners

The Board has developed a new competency programme to ensure a more consistent delivery of programme content and quality for all licensed electrical practitioners. This new programme will become the prescribed minimum benchmark for competency programmes.

Introduction to the new programme

This new programme will become the prescribed minimum benchmark for all approved competency providers.

Note: There will be a transitional period this year with service agreements for the current competency providers extended to 31 December 2017. This may be subject to change at the Board’s discretion.

Existing providers

Existing providers are encouraged to apply to the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE) to become approved to deliver the new programme. See the process for applications below.

Those existing providers that have already applied through the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) do not need to apply again, and can check if they have been approved via the GETS website.

Process for existing and new provider applications

This process applies to new provider applications as well as existing approved providers that have not yet tendered for the new programme.

To apply, you will need to complete and submit a Response Form (RF) to the Electrical Workers Competence Programme Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) document.

Download the two documents below.

Material availability

The new material will be available this year and will allow the provider a period of time to become familiar with and incorporate the new requirements into a new programme.

It is also recommended that elements of the programme could also be incorporated into a provider’s existing programme before the new programme becomes compulsory.


These are currently being drafted and will be available shortly.

Overview of the new programme

The programme material will provide resources and structure to assist and assure providers that the Board’s competency requirements are being met more effectively and consistently.


  • Participants enrol on a competence course, with a provider of their choice.
  • Participants will be required to complete two eLearning modules prior to attending the course. These modules will be housed (and maintained) by the EWRB.
  • Completing CPR and basic first aid continues to be a part of the programme as currently provided.
  • The facilitator will deliver a course of instruction, including a news update on relevant current electrical issues.
  • Participants to complete both a written assessment and a practical testing exercise.
  • The written assessment will comprise 10 questions and will be ‘open book’; participants may use reference materials during the assessment.

Resources available to providers

  • A facilitator’s guide setting out suggested course framework.
  • Current news update of relevant information to be delivered during presentation.
  • A question bank of technical written assessment questions and answers for each class of registration, and a set of branded templates.
  • List of practical tests to be conducted according to the practitioners registration class.

Initiatives and programme development

It is the Board’s expectation that new programme material will continue to be regularly updated, developed and enhanced. They are also mindful that skill, knowledge, experience and presentation skills of the facilitator are an important factor in the effective delivery of the programme.

Before the compulsory introduction of the new programme, ‘train the trainer’ sessions are being planned for providers. Regular quality assessments of the programme, including the existing CPR and first aid components, will also be done.