Guide to Electrical Service Technicians (EST) limits of work

Guide to Electrical Service Technicians (EST) limits of work

An ESTs training and qualifications allow them to carry out prescribed electrical work (PEW) that involves maintenance, repair, or servicing work on electrical fittings, appliances and electrical equipment used in “Works” or electrical installations. The Electrical Workers Registration Board requires all electrical workers to only work in those areas where they are competent.

As of 17 October 2019, the Limits of Work set out in the Gazette Notice will align with this. ESTs will not be permitted to carry out any of this work on switchboards or the installation or replacement of conductors used in ‘Works” or electrical Installations, regardless of their competence, because this work requires a person to hold an appropriate class of registration.

What do the limits mean?

Maintenance means to keep something in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly. Repair means to restore something damaged, faulty, or worn to a good condition. In the context of repair, replacement means to restore or maintain to its original condition as a function of maintenance, repair or servicing work.

Replacement is considered to be repair work provided that an equivalent component or assembly is used and the replacement is in the same position. For example if a fitting or appliance is replaced then it would need to be equivalent to its original use and purpose, appropriately rated and electrically safe. It must also not adversely affect the electrical safety of the electrical installation it was connected to.

Servicing means any PEW that involves the dismantling, repair, adjustment, reassembly and replacement of electrical fittings, other than the installation of permanently wired conductors, of Works or electrical installations intended for the generation, conversion, transformation, conveyance, or control of electrical supplies.

PEW an EST is permitted to carry out

  • Maintain fittings Electrical appliances equipment
  • Repair fittings Electrical appliances equipment
  • Service fittings Electrical appliances equipment
  • Replace (as a function of maintenance and repair) fittings electrical appliances, equipment
  • Replace wiring within an appliance or electrical equipment (as a function of maintenance and repair)
  • Disconnect from and reconnect to fixed wiring, fittings, electrical appliances, equipment (as a function of maintenance and repair)
    • Any Extra low Voltage Work in hazardous or medical areas

PEW an EST is not permitted to carry out.

  • Any work on switchboards
  • Installation or replacement or rewiring of conductors (all supply conductors, sub-circuits) used in “Works” and electrical installations.
  • Installation of fittings, appliances or equipment that is not a function of maintenance, repair or servicing work. For example an EST is not permitted to install a new fitting or appliance or electrical equipment where none existed before.


All classes of registration must always work within their limits of work and individual competencies.

For example if a person is not competent to carry out work they are licenced to carry out they should not attempt to do this work until they have obtained the requisite skills to do so safety competently and in compliance with all the legislative requirements