Become a Board approved Training Provider

You can apply to become an approved competence programme provider and run competence programmes for registered electrical workers across New Zealand.

To apply

You need to:

  • read the Electrical Workers Competence Programme Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) document;
  • complete and submit a Response Form (RF).

Details of where to send your application can be found in the invitation to qualify document.

Invitation to qualify for the Electrical Worker competence programme [PDF, 419 KB]

Response form for competence programme providers [DOCX, 156 KB]

Resources for providers

As a training provider, you will have access to:

  • a facilitator’s guide setting out suggested course framework;
  • a current news update of relevant information to deliver during presentations;
  • a question bank of technical written assessment questions and answers for each class of registration, and a set of branded templates;
  • a list of practical tests to conduct according to the practitioner’s registration class.

Programme material is developed, updated and enhanced regularly.

Competence Programme Prescriptions