Report someone doing unlicensed electrical work

The EWRB has the duty to protect the public from unlicensed prescribed electrical work. Your insurance can be affected if your electrical work isn’t carried out and certified by a licensed electrical worker and can often result in unsafe work. We can investigate complaints about unlicensed prescribed electrical work and can prosecute those involved.

What to report

  • Someone claiming to be a licensed electrician when they are not. Search the register to check if a person is registered and licensed.
  • Someone carrying out prescribed electrical work when they are not licensed
  • An employer who has engaged an unlicensed person to carry out prescribed electrical work

You can search the register here.(external link)

How to report unlicensed electrical work

To find out more information about making a complaint, see below. 

Making a complaint.

When you’re ready to make your complaint fill out the complaint form and send the completed form to us at:

The complaint form.(external link)

You will get a confirmation from the EWRB that your complaint has been received. You will be contacted by an Investigator to discuss the process further and to obtain any further evidence to support your complaint.