About licences

When you contract an electrical worker always ask to see their practising licence ID card. This is proof that the worker is both qualified and currently competent to do electrical work safely.

Example licence showing a photo, Registration class and number and expiry date.

Example Electrical Workers Registration Board Practising License

When you look at the ID card check that the license hasn’t expired and that the photo matches the electrical worker.

Electrical Worker Public Register

You can search the Electrical Worker Public Register to check the licence hasn’t been suspended.

Search the Electrical Workers Public Register(external link)

The licence will list the “classes” of registration your electrical worker has achieved. The classes specify the electrical work the holder is licenced to undertake. This information can quickly become very technical. As a summary:


This indicates that this person can…

  • Wire and fitout installations in commercial and domestic buildings
  • Repair/service/install appliances
  • Install light fittings and power points
  • Complete most types of general electrical work

Electrical Inspector

This indicates that this person can…

  • All the work an electrician can do, and
  • Inspect and test electrical work that other electrical workers have completed

Electrical installer

This indicates that this person is restricted to one area of work, such as

  • Security systems
  • Installing heat pumps
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Lifts/escalators
  • Heating/ventilation/refrigeration/air conditioning systems

Electrical Service technician

This indicates that this person can…

  • Service/repair, replace most types of equipment and appliances
  • Disconnect and reconnect appliances/equipment from fixed wiring

Electrical appliance service person

This indicates that this person can…

  • Service/repair appliances but only those that plug into standard power points such as household appliances or other smaller commercial appliances including photocopiers, medical equipment or similar.

If you come across someone who is claiming to be a licensed electrician when they are not, carrying out prescribed electrical work when they are not licensed or an employer who has engaged an unlicensed person to carry out prescribed electrical work you can report them. There is information about reporting someone doing unlicensed work here.

Report unlicensed electrical work