If you have a complaint made against you

If you are a registered electrical worker and someone complains about your conduct or work, you will be notified in writing of the complaint, and given an opportunity to respond.

Investigation process

An Investigator will be appointed to investigate the complaint. As part of the investigation, the Investigator will:

  • provide full details of the complaint to you
  • seek additional/supporting information and/or seek clarification of information from both you and the complainant
  • seek information from other parties involved and from witnesses
  • write to you requesting your response to the complaint and any further information you can provide.

The Investigator may:

  • have an independent person investigate the electrical work (usually a registered electrical Inspector)
  • ask that any information (from you or other parties) is supported by a statutory declaration
  • enter any land or premises for the purpose of the investigation (if necessary, a Court Order can be obtained for this purpose).

Investigation outcomes

When the investigation is completed the Investigator will prepare an Investigator report for the Board and a copy will be sent to you and the Complainant.

The Investigator report will include the Investigators findings and any breaches of the Electricity Act 1992 that may have allegedly occurred. 

The outcome from an investigation can be:

  • no further action is taken
  • the complaint is referred to the Board for a disciplinary hearing.

Board disciplinary hearings

The purpose of the hearing is to determine if a disciplinary offence has been committed by the registered electrical worker, and if it has, to decide what discipline and penalties are to be imposed. 

Hearings are a formal procedure and the Board will try to hold the hearing at the main centre closest to where you live. You will be advised of the date and time for this and will be asked if you wish to attend and invited to enter a plea on the alleged disciplinary offences as outlined in the Investigator report. Hearings are usually held in public. The complainant is entitled to attend the hearing.

The Investigator and Board may call witnesses to assist with the hearing, You are entitled to call witnesses or have a legal representative or support person to attend.

Board findings

If the Board finds you not guilty of a disciplinary offence, the matter ends there.

If the Board finds you guilty of a disciplinary offence, it will impose penalties which can include:

  • censure
  • the requirement to undergo remedial training and/or sit examinations
  • awarding costs toward the investigation
  • a fine
  • suspension of licence or registration
  • cancellation of licence or registration or
  • publication of the electrical workers name.