Limited Certificate for overseas trained applicants

Working in New Zealand you must hold a Limited Certificate or Provisional Licence to complete your registration requirements.

Limited Certificates

You must apply for a registration (Overseas Trained Applicants). Once the assessment of your application has been completed and the recommendation has been made you will receive your outcome letter from the Licensing Team.

If you meet the requirements for registration, you will be invited to apply for a Limited Certificate.

A Limited Certificate application will be set up in your EW Portal for you to complete and submit.

Once issued, your Limited Certificate will be valid for a period between 12 and 18 months.

When you complete your Limited Certificate application, you make a declaration that you will make every attempt to complete all registration requirements within the duration of that Limited Certificate.

Limits of Work and Supervision

You must have a registered and licensed electrical worker to supervise your work while holding your Limited Certificate.

Your supervisor MUST complete and sign a Supervision Declaration form:

Supervision Declaration form [PDF, 242 KB]

The holder of a Limited Certificate can only complete prescribed electrical work within the limits of work for the class their Limited Certificate has been issued and must be supervised by their approved supervisor.

A supervisor is a registered person who holds an active Practising Licence.

Your supervisor must be registered in the same class or higher than the registration class you are applying for.

Supervisors and their responsibilities

Regulation 93 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 states that any prescribed electrical work a trainee may do, or assist in doing, is any work that is within the particular class of work for which the trainee is seeking registration, and that is within the scope of work that the trainee’s supervisor is authorised to do.

Limits of work has more information on what types of electrical work you can complete under the class of your Limited Certificate.

Supervision Companion Guide [PDF, 1 MB]

Supervision of trainees holding a Limited Certificate [PDF, 728 KB]

Applying for a second or third Limited Certificate

For a second Limited Certificate to be approved, you must show evidence that you have made every attempt to complete your registration requirements stated in your outcome letter.

A second Limited Certificate will only be issued for 12 months.

A third Limited Certificate will be referred to the Board for consideration. The Licensing Team will advise you by email of the documents you must submit before your application is referred to the Board.

The applicant and supervisor may be required to appear before the Board to answer questions or make written submissions with supporting statements from their supervisor, in relation to the efforts they have made to meet registration requirements.

A third Limited Certificate will be issued for a duration as specified if approved by the Board.

Cancellation of Limited Certificates

Any Limited Certificate is subject to cancellation if the Board is satisfied that the holder:

  • Did not satisfactorily complete instruction in safe working practices, testing, basic first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as approved by the Board;
  • Has not complied with supervision instructions and
  • Has repeatedly worked outside the limits of the Limited Certificate.

Refusal to Renew or Cancellation of Limited Certificates

Prior to making any decision about refusal to renew or cancel a Limited Certificate the Board will:

  • Observe the rules of natural justice;
  • Without limiting those rules, give the applicant;
  • Notice of any matter that may give the Board cause to refuse to renew or cancel a Limited Certificate;
  • All information the Board will be considering in relation to the matter;
  • Reasonable opportunity to make written submissions and be heard on the question, either personally or by a representative.