Trainee Limited Certificates

You must hold a Trainee Limited Certificate to complete work experience for EWRB Registration New Zealand pathway.

What is a trainee

A trainee is a person who is working towards full registration. This includes apprentices who are working in the electricity industry.

Your Trainee Limited Certificate enables you to work while you train to become a registered and licensed electrical worker.

Training registration class Duration of Trainee Limited Certificate
Electrician 4 years (8000 hours)
Electrical Service Technician 18 months (3000 hours)
Electrical Appliance Serviceperson 18 months (3000 hours)
Electrical Appliance Serviceperson (Endorsed to disconnect and connect) 18 months (3000 hours)
Line Mechanic 2 years (4000 hours)
Electrical Installer 2 years (4000 hours)
Cable Jointer 2 years (4000 hours)
Electrical Engineer 18 months (3000 hours)


While holding your Trainee Limited Certificate, you must complete the requirements for the registration class you are working towards.

Please check the Registrations page to see the requirements for each registration class.

The requirements for obtaining a Trainee Limited Certificate are:

  • your employer and/or supervisor supports your application and completes the supervision declaration form agreeing to supervise you in accordance with Board rules, and
  • you must complete Safety Training within 3 months of being issued your Trainee Limited Certificate that includes: safe working practices and testing, CPR, and basic first aid.

When you apply for a Trainee Limited Certificate, you make a declaration that you will make every attempt to complete all registration requirements within the duration of that Trainee Limited Certificate.

A second Trainee Limited Certificate will only be granted for 12 months and a third Trainee Limited Certificate will require a Board meeting decision.

Limits of work and supervisors

The holder of a Trainee Limited Certificate can only complete prescribed electrical work within the limits of work for the class their Limited Certificate has been issued and must be supervised by their Board approved supervisor.

A supervisor is a registered person who holds an active practising licence.

Your supervisor must be registered in the same class or higher than the registration class you are applying for.

Supervisors and their responsibilities

Regulation 93 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 states that any prescribed electrical work a trainee may do, or assist in doing, is any work that is within the particular class of work for which the trainee is seeking registration, and that is within the scope of work that the trainee’s supervisor is authorised to do.

Limits of work has more information on what types of electrical work you can complete under the class of your Trainee Limited Certificate.

Next steps

Safety Training