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How do I get my activation code to the practitioner portal?

Contact our 0800 number 0800 661 000.

I want to become an electrical worker. What do I need to complete to achieve this?

Read through the Training, Qualifications and requirements page on our website. This lists what you need to complete for each registration class.

Training, Qualifications and requirements

I want to update my contact details on my EWRB file. How can I do this?

Please login to your EWRB practitioner portal at the top of our website and select "Personal Details".

My supervisor for my Limited Certificate has changed or I am no longer supervised. What do I need to do?

If your supervisor has changed, please ask your new supervisor to complete the 1.11 Supervision Declaration form so we can update your supervisor on your file. Please submit the form by email. If you are no longer supervised you are required to let us know as soon as possible.

1.11 Supervision Declaration form

I want to upgrade my registration class or hold a dual registration. What do I need to complete?

You can find the information on how to upgrade your registration class and what is required for each class on our Upgrading your registration class page. Most classes require you to hold a Trainee Limited Certificate to complete the required work experience under supervision in order to upgrade.

Upgrading your registration class

Can I get copies of past exams for studying?

Copies of past exams are not available. Due to the nature of ASPEQ on-line exams, we do not consider it wise to use past paper exams for studying. Online exams cannot be downloaded for studying purposes without undermining the integrity of the questions bank used to populate each exam.

Where can I find out what type of prescribed electrical work my Registration class is permitted to carry out?

Please look at the Limits of work page. If you are still unsure we advise that you speak to an Electrical Inspector in the first instance.

Limits of work

How can I find out if someone is registered/licensed?

You can enter the person's details in the EWRB public register here.

Search the Electrical Worker Register

I have a technical electrical query - where can I go for help?

In the first instance we would advise that you speak to an Electrical Inspector as they are the experts in the industry. You can find an Electrical Inspector in your area by searching on the EWRB public register. You can also search the Electrical Workers Toolbox for answers to your query. If your query is in regards to regulation requirements or interpretation issues of the Electrical (Safety) Regulations 1992 and is still unanswered after trying the above avenues, please contact Energy Safety, part of WorkSafe New Zealand.

EWRB public register

Electrical Workers Toolbox

Electrical Workers Toolbox - Where do I find authoritative answers to my questions

Energy Safety – WorkSafe New Zealand

I completed an apprenticeship/qualifications/work experience but never obtained my registration - can I still use these to become registered?

Please contact us on our 0800 number below or send an enquiry by email. We will need to check your file to see if your exams/qualifications are listed and we will need to assess these to determine if they can be recognised towards EWRB registration depending on their content/age. We will take into consideration any historic work experience that has been completed. We will assess this on a case by case basis and if we accept your historic work experience, you may be required to complete further work experience under supervision while holding a Trainee Limited Certificate to ensure you have current competency before being able to obtain EWRB registration.

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Freephone (New Zealand): 0800 661 000

From overseas: +64 3 943 4254


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Translation Service

If English isn't your first language, we have a free telephone interpreting service available. Interpreters are available for many different languages. Call us after 9.00am, ask for a translator and tell us which language you speak. Hold the line and we'll get an interpreter within a couple of minutes.

Video Relay Service

If you are deaf or hearing impaired, after 9.00am we can use the Video Relay Service to provide information.

Visit the NZ Relay website to see how it works(external link)