Board hearings

A disciplinary hearing will be held by the Board to determine if an offence has occurred. If it has the Board will decide what action to take.

The process

Conducting disciplinary hearings is one of the main functions of the Board.

Hearings are a formal procedure and the Board will try to hold the hearing at the main centre closest to where the worker who has been complained about lives. Hearings are usually held in public and you may wish to attend. You may be required to attend the hearing as the complainant.

The Board and the worker you complained about can call witnesses, and each party is able to cross-examine. This means that if you appear as the Complainant it is likely you and your witnesses will be questioned by the worker you complained about (or his/her representative). Witnesses are sworn in before they give evidence. 

If you are required to attend the hearing as a witness, the Board has the power to issue you with a summons to attend. The Board may pay some expenses involved with you attending the hearing. 


If you require an adjournment to the time and date that have been set for the hearing, please make a request via the Board Officer, in writing, stating your reasons with supporting documents. It is advised that this request is made as soon as can reasonably be expected. If a hearing is adjourned once it has been set down, the Board may reserve the right to consider the costs from the adjournment when considering the costs to be applied to an upheld decision.

Board practice direction: Adjournments [PDF, 150 KB]


If the Board finds the registered worker not guilty of a disciplinary offence, the matter ends. 

If the Board finds the registered worker guilty of a disciplinary offence, it will impose a penalty which can include:

  • a censure
  • the requirement to undergo training or sit examinations
  • awarding costs toward investigation
  • a fine
  • suspension of licence or registration
  • cancellation of licence or registration
  • publication of the electrical workers name.

If the Board considers there is no merit to a complaint regarding a non-registered worker or a company, the matter ends there.

If the Board considers there is a case to answer non-registered workers and companies may be referred to the Courts for prosecution.

The results of disciplinary hearings and the results of prosecutions are available in our public notices section.