Making a complaint

The Electrical Workers Registration Board deals with complaints relating to prescribed electrical work that has been carried out.

You can make a complaint about any person or company that has carried out prescribed electrical work that you believe to be unsatisfactory.

Prescribed Electrical Work is defined in Schedule 1 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

Schedule 1 Prescribed electrical work(external link)

Reporting safety issues

Contact us — if you are worried about the safety of any electrical work 

Contact Energy Safety(external link) (part of Worksafe) — if you think an installation or a product is unsafe: Freephone: 0800 030 040

Having a stand-off over electrical work? Email your concerns to: 

Or, fill out a complaint form:

Lodging a complaint form [PDF, 579 KB]

Who can you complain about?

Registered and authorised workers

You can lodge a complaint about anyone registered or authorised by the Board to carry out electrical work for the public.

These include:

  • electricians
  • electrical service technicians
  • electrical inspectors
  • trainees (apprentices)
  • line mechanics
  • qualified electrical engineers
  • tradespersons (plumbers and gasfitters with an electrical work certificate)
  • provisional licence holders.

Search the register(external link) to check if a person is registered and licensed.

If your complaint is about a registered or authorised worker, your complaint will be investigated by a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) appointed Investigator.

A copy of the Investigators report will be provided to you, the person you complained about and to the Board. The Board will consider the Investigator's report and recommendations.

Non-registered or unauthorised workers and companies

You can also complain about a company or person or persons who were not authorised or licensed to undertake electrical work.

If your complaint is about an unregistered or unauthorised worker, or a company, your complaint will be investigated by an MBIE appointed Investigator and a report with the findings will be provided to the Board. The Board will determine the appropriate action such as prosecution if justified.

Prosecution proceedings are dealt with in the District Court where fines of up to $50,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a company can be imposed.

The Board can only consider matters relating to the safety and compliance of electrical work and is unable to assist with any contractual or commercial disputes.

The Board does not have the power to have the work remedied or to resolve any payment disputes.

You can seek advice on these matters from the following forums:

Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand(external link) handles matters relating to overcharging, damage to property or other matters of unsatisfactory service delivery.

Consumer Guarantees Act(external link) includes guarantees for services and outlines remedies for unsatisfactory services.

If your complaint is about a registered or authorised electrical worker, your complaint will be investigated by an Investigator.

Lodging your complaint

A complaint about electrical work must be made in writing and sent to the Registrar. Provide as much information as you can, including the following:

  • scope of electrical work that was to be done
  • what electrical work was done
  • what you think is wrong with the electrical work
  • where and when the electrical work was done
  • who asked for the electrical work to be done
  • the name of the person who carried out the work and their contact details
  • registration details (if known)
  • the name and address of any company involved (if applicable)
  • your full contact details

Provide supporting documents

You should provide copies of any relevant documents:

  • correspondence including quotes and invoices
  • digital photographs of the work (labelled with a description)
  • reports that you have received outlining the work
  • certificate of compliance
  • request for certificate of compliance (if not provided)

Submitting a complaint

Use this form to lodge your complaint.

Lodging a complaint form [PDF, 579 KB](external link)