Documentation from your electrician

There are reports and certificates that can only be provided by a licenced electrical worker.

Certificates of Compliance

Electricians must issue you a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) when they do any fixed wiring work, including fitting new power points. CoCs are not issued for maintenance work, such as replacing sockets and light fittings or repairing appliances.

The CoC indicates that the work done is electrically safe and has been carried out in accordance with New Zealand’s electrical safety standards and codes. It also shows they have tested their work once completed.

Keep your CoC in a safe place as a record of the work done on your property. This information may be required for insurance claims or when you are selling your home.

A CoC guarantees that the work:

  • has been completed by a licenced electrician
  • meets safety standards set by law, and
  • has been tested.

Electrical inspection reports

The law also requires some electrical work to be inspected, particularly work on the main switchboard, the main cable, and the main earth. Your electrician is responsible for arranging for a licenced electrical inspector to carry out the inspection. Keep the inspection report with your CoCs.

If you have any concerns about your home being electrically safe, have it checked by a licenced electrical inspector.