Gas appliances certified to AS/NZS 5263-series standards

Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand have now published specific type standards in the AS/NZS 5263 Gas appliances series of standards. These replace older Australian gas appliance standards. For example, AS/NZS 5263.1.1:2016 Gas appliances – Domestic gas cooking appliances replaces AS 4551-2008 Domestic gas cooking appliances.

In the longer term, this will make certification to joint Australian/New Zealand Standards more relevant and accessible for suppliers of gas appliances in New Zealand. These standards are considered technically equivalent or superior to the standards they replace. However, because they are not yet cited in Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations, references to these standards can’t be explicitly added to the Gas Appliance Supplier Declaration database.

Suppliers of appliances relying on certification to these standards should note:

  • SDoCs should, for the time being, continue to refer to the relevant Australian standard
  • Supporting documentation (SDoC) should include a comment attributable to the certification body that certification to an AS/NZS 5263.1 standard is technically equivalent to the corresponding certification of the corresponding Australian Standard
  • Any LPG appliance must be certified as a universal LPG appliance or a New Zealand LPG appliance
  • There is no impediment to uploading certificates to the relevant AS/NZS 5263 standard.