COCs and ESCs

Information on how to use the Electrical Certificate of Compliances (COCs), Electrical Safety Certificate (ESCs), and other Board certification documents.

How to use the form

The Electrical Certificate of Compliance and Electrical Safety Certificate forms are only available online. They can be completed and saved on your computer or tablet. 

  • Click on the name of the form you require in the list below to open it
  • Tab through the fields and enter information using your keyboard
  • When you save this form your additions will also be saved

Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader(external link) installed on your computer to use these forms.

You can protect your PDF certificates from further change by setting editing permissions to none when creating a document permissions password. Note that a document open password is not required / helpful under normal circumstances.

You need additional software to protect PDF documents. There are a variety of websites, free software and licensed applications capable of locking a PDF document. Talk to your IT adviser if you need assistance.

Store your certification forms

Certification forms can no longer be stored within your practitioner portal.

Any certification forms that were uploaded prior to the system changeover on the 19th October are still stored on your file.

If you need copies of these, please contact us.

The responsible person must retain a copy, whether in hard copy or electronically, of every certificate of compliance for at least 7 years.

Equipment compliance certificates

Equipment compliance certificates are available from the online store only in books of 50. They are for use in voluntary compliance scenarios. These self-adhesive certificates are credit card sized and can be affixed to the equipment item.

The print portal is available within the EW Portal.