Always Use the Right Fittings

Energy Safety has released an information bulletin following a recent fatal incident.

The bulletin can be viewed at the Worksafe Website [PDF, 106KB](external link)

The bulletin outlines that a registered and licensed electrician was fatally injured while working on a dairy farm water pump system in a very small pump shed. The farm had pressure control issues with a water pump for approximately three days prior to the accident. The pump supplied water across the farm for stock drinking water.

The electrician initially replaced an old ‘loss of prime’ pressure switch with a temporary pressure control switch. He then returned to make permanent repairs, replacing the pressure switch with a single function pressure control switch – ‘loss of prime’ shut off.

During the testing phase of this process the pressure cylinder has been rapidly over-pressurised. This caused a catastrophic failure of the base of the steel pressure cylinder.

It is recommended that all those who work with or around water pumps read the bulletin. It contains analysis of the incident and Energy Safety’s recommendations.