Board’s pilot auditing programme

We are pleased to report that 270 of the planned 300 audits have been completed. The rest should be completed by the end of May.

Preliminary results indicate:

  • there are many examples that safe, compliant, and high quality work is being carried out. However the audit has also identified common issues that need to be addressed for improvement
  • the audit experience has been beneficial, positive and informative for many of the persons being audited
  • those being audited have also taken advantage to ask questions from the auditors to improve their professional understanding, reinforcing the principle that auditing and assessments are a two way process.

On completion of the pilot auditing programme the Board is planning to:

  • analyse the audit findings and assess the benefits of continuing to audit electrical workers
  • incorporate key findings from audits into the competency training programme
  • use key findings and data to set their strategic objectives.

The Board wishes to thank all those practitioners and employers who have participated in the pilot audit programme.