Building wiring cables investigation update

WorkSafe advised on August 2017 that they were investigating the compliance of building wiring cable from a number of suppliers.

WorkSafe has since advised that its investigation is now primarily concentrated on cable imported by one company and used by that company at a number of construction projects. Evidence shows there was one shipment of the cable imported in July 2016 and the possibility of two later shipments. There is no evidence that this cable has been distributed by any other companies in New Zealand.

The cable under investigation is a range of two-and three-core thermoplastic-sheathed cable with markings that include ‘CERTIFICATE No. EESS 150102-0’.

While not necessarily unsafe at present, the cable has failed its ageing test and may become unsafe over time. This cable must not be used and if any of this cable is found it will need to be removed.

Results of testing samples of this cable indicate it is not compliant with the relevant standard: AS/NZS 5000.2 Electric cables - Polymeric insulated – Part 2: For working voltages up to and including 450/750 V.

WorkSafe is also investigating the validity of documentation attesting to the compliance of this cable and other cables in the market. The auditing of the documentation of all related cables that WorkSafe are aware of in the market is being undertaken. The auditing and follow up action will continue as necessary for some weeks ahead.

WorkSafe requests that installers remain vigilant about the cable they install. Please refer to WorkSafe’s website for their August update, this includes guidance on how to identify cable that is likely to be compliant.

Substantial detail sourced from the Worksafe website(external link)