COVID-19 Update

At COVID-19 Alert Level 2, our services are operating normally.

We have prepared some answers to frequently asked questions below as we are not as reachable as usual. We appreciate your patience during this time. Play it safe, be kind.

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Q: What work can I do at different Alert Levels?

A: Please refer to MBIE’s building performance website(external link) for current guidance. This guidance also includes content or links to information on how to operate safely at different Alert Levels.

Q: Where can I find information about the current national Alert Level, the lockdown or how to stay safe?

A: Please refer to the Ministry of Health(external link) for health-related information and link) for all other information from the government.

Q: How do I work safely at different Alert Levels?

A: Please refer to the Government’s COVID-19 website(external link) and MBIE’s building performance website(external link) for current guidance.

Service status

Q: Are services currently impacted?

A: We are fully operational. Please expect minor delays while we catch up on delayed work. You can contact us as normal.

Please refer to the Aspeq website for current EWRB examination availability.(external link)

Q: Can I apply for registration, licensing, or renew my licence?

A: Yes, our online services are available. You can submit applications online or by email.

Q: I need to get a document certified to be able to submit my application, how can I do this?

A: We anticipate certifying and witnessing to return to normal. Please check with your local certifying options to find out what is available to you.

Q: Will the public register stay online?

A: Yes, the public register displays live, accurate information.

Q: Will I get my licence pack and identification card if my application is approved?

A: The process to print licence packs and identification cards is continuing as normal.

Q: How do I get access to my online account (RealMe)?

A: If you are unable to access your RealMe, here are a few tips that may help:

  • If you don’t know the RealMe username you used last time, you can click “Forgot Username” on the RealMe login page.
  • If you know the RealMe username but not the password, you can click “Forgot Password” on the RealMe login page.
  • Our system will be linked to the last RealMe you logged in with. You should not create a new RealMe every time you log in if possible.
  • If you are being asked to enter an activation code, the system is trying to link up with a new RealMe. If this is the case, try to log in with the RealMe you used last time you logged in.
  • If you are unable to self-serve through the above options, please contact us or the RealMe helpdesk.(external link)

Registration and licensing

Q: Will my licence expire if I don’t renew it?

A: Yes, normal regulatory processes apply. You should submit your renewals as normal via online services for automatic processing.

Q: Can I carry out prescribed electrical work with an expired licence?

A: No, any prescribed electrical work must be carried out in accordance with the regulations by a suitably registered and licensed person.

Q: How can I prove my licence status if I haven’t received my card yet?

A: The public register is available and is real-time evidence of your licence status and can be used as proof when accompanied by other photo identification.

Q: Do I have to pay fees when I submit applications?

A: Yes, in order to complete an application payment must be made at the same time.

If you have concerns about your business and cash flow, you may wish to look at the government’s financial support packages at the official COVID-19 website(external link) and the website(external link).

Q: Do I still need to have a current competence programme (that is, completed with the previous two years of your relicensing application) to renew my licence?

A: Yes, however we are aware that competence programmes for licence renewals are affected by the lockdown and courses have now been cancelled.

Competence programmes are valid for two years. If you are at or near the start of your licensing period, we would expect that you will undertake a competence programme later in the two-year period after the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed.

If you are close to your licence renewal date and have not yet completed a competence programme in the past two years then you may be impacted by cancellations. Please contact us if you are in this category. You must explain why the competence programme was not completed earlier and what other steps you have taken. We will consider what relief can be provided on a case by case basis and will advise you of steps to complete your relicensing as appropriate.

Q: I have another question in relation to registration or licensing which is not covered by these FAQs.

A: Please contact us.