Disciplinary hearings - August 2021

The Board only dealt with one disciplinary matter in April 2021. The case was the result of the electrical worker being unable to complete the work and an ensuing commercial dispute.

The Board often sees cases where a commercial dispute results in a valid complaint, as electrical work has been left in an unsafe or non-compliant state. There are, however, steps an electrical worker can take to protect themselves and people who use an installation.

The key thing is to not just walk away. Take steps to make the electrical work safe or disconnect and lock-out the work. Electrical workers can also arrange for another electrical worker to make the prescribed electrical work safe if they are unable to return to a site.  They can also issue written warnings which can include certification noting that the installation is not safe and should not be connected.

April 2021 Finding Penalty
Practitioner 1 The electrical workers carried out prescribed electrical work in a negligent manner and failed to provide returns within the prescribed time frames. The electrical worker was fined $1,000 and ordered to pay costs of $250. The fine and costs were reduced on the basis that the electrical worker accepted responsibility and the matter was dealt with on the basis of an agreed statement of facts.