Disciplinary hearings - June 2022

The Board dealt with one electrical worker in April 2022 in relation to two separate complaints made about him. The electrical worker accepted responsibility for his wrongdoing on both matters.

In the first, the electrical worker carried out prescribed electrical work in a manner that was contrary to an enactment. He was censured and ordered to pay $250 in costs.

In the second, the Board decided that the electrical worker had carried out prescribed electrical work in a negligent manner in relation to work completed on a switchboard and that he provided a false or misleading Certificate of Compliance. The failings in relation to the switchboard were basic errors, and the experienced electrical worker did not know why he had failed in the manner that he did. He was fined $1,500 and ordered to pay costs of $250.

In both matters, the penalty and costs orders were reduced on the basis that the Respondent had cooperated and had pleaded guilty.

The two cases were examples of what the Board sees all too often. Electrical workers with long and productive careers complete work that is inconsistent with their usual standards. More often than not, they are also at a loss to explain why their work standards slipped, and the complaint comes as a wake-up call. Fortunately, in most cases, no one is harmed. The risk of serious harm or significant property damage can, however, be present in such cases.

The Board’s observations have been that various factors can be at play. They include complacency when doing a task that has become routine, distractions whilst carrying out prescribed electrical work and a failure to be aware of or keep up to date with current standards and requirements. Complaints about others should be a wake-up call for all electrical workers. Constant vigilance is required, and full testing should always be carried out so that any safety errors that may have occurred are identified and dealt with prior to incidents occurring.

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