Electrical Service Technician – changes to limits of work

As of 27 October 2017 the limits of work for Electrical Service Technicians have changed, which means a new set of limits of work were published in the New Zealand Gazette by the Electrical Workers Registration Board (the Board).

Unfortunately, due to oversight, the Gazette was misprinted with an error in the limits of work for Electrical Service Technicians, in Gazette Issue No. 45, Notice No. 2017-go1885. This error is in the process of being amended by the Board and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Electrical Service Technicians should not be permitted to carry out the installation or connection of fittings. This complex level of work requires completion of a Board approved Electrician theoretical, regulatory and practical examination.

While the error is being amended, it is the responsibility of all New Zealand Electrical Service Technicians to ensure they only undertake work for which they have the requisite skills, experience and training.

The Board have communicated this information to all Electrical Service Technicians and key industry bodies to ensure they are aware of this error, and will also be in touch once it is amended.

If any support is needed for Electrical Service Technicians, you can visit the Electrical Workers Registration Board toolbox(external link)