Electrical worker and employer fined for unauthorised work on kindergarten

Unauthorised prescribed electrical work carried out in a kindergarten has seen $20,750 in fines given to a Palmerston North building company and one of its employees.

Mr Gordon McLaren of Foxton was fined $4,250 plus costs for performing unauthorised prescribed electrical work by installing a heat pump in Rewanui kindergarten. At the time, Mr McLaren held an electrical appliance serviceperson license which did not permit him to install wiring.

This is Mr McLaren’s second fine for unauthorised prescribed electrical work performed while installing a heat pump at a kindergarten; his license was suspended earlier this year by the Board.

As Mr McLaren’s employer at the time, The Building Broker NZ Ltd, which trades as Ekonrg Solutions, was fined $16,500 plus cost for two counts of knowingly employing, permitting or paying someone to perform prescribed electrical work in breach of the Electricity Act 1992.

The fines serve as a reminder to electrical workers and the companies that employ them, that they must have the appropriate licence and registration to undertake prescribed electrical work.

Ensuring an electrical worker is licensed and holds the right licence class to undertake the work means they have competency to undertake the work safely.

The Board will remain vigilant in relation to unregistered and unlicensed workers, and the companies that employ them, and will prosecute wherever necessary.