Examinations review underway

The Board has identified a number of issues relating to the examinations process, and has enlisted MBIE to undertake an end-to-end review of examinations.

The first phase of work began at the end of March, when a series of workshops with education providers were run in Christchurch, Tauranga, Auckland and Wellington. Interviews are also being conducted with industry representatives, students, and others involved with the examination process itself.

The initial work is focussing on gaining an understanding of how examinations are performing now, from all stakeholders’ perspectives. The information gained through this research will be analysed, and a set of recommendations generated, which will be reported to the Board this month.

MBIE, in conjunction with stakeholder representatives, will then begin to develop a range of solution options for the Board to consider. By taking the time upfront to understand how the examinations are working now; parts of the process that work well, as well as the parts that don’t, can be factored into the development of an improved examination process that will better meet the skill needs of the industry.