Gazette Notice updates

In April this year, two Gazette notices were published, replacing 2017 Notices containing errors. The Notices have been updated in relation to clarifying Electrical Service Technician (EST) limits of work and correcting minor errors in relation to the prescribed Competence Programme.

The new Notices can be found at these links:

What has changed?

There was one error in the 2017 Notices, which meant that the EST limits of work were incorrectly extended into an area where they were not previously permitted to be working.

What does this mean for you?

The limits of work are now clear that ESTs may only carry out maintenance of fittings in Works and Electrical Installations, not installation and connection of those fittings. The new Notice is consistent with the work an EST has been trained for.

The Board wishes to clarify an EST a plain language descriptive guide to what the limits of work are and wish to reassure EST’s they have not been limited in any way by any of these changes.

Affected ESTs were sent a direct communication to advise about these Notice changes. These changes take effect 17 October 2019 and should generally have fairly limited impact on other electrical workers. The EST limits of work are explained in plain language here.