Prosecution - EWRB v Boris Belmar

On 23 February 2022, Boris Belmar was sentenced in the Northshore District Court by Judge Maude after entering guilty pleas to one charge of performing unauthorised prescribed electrical work and one charge of issuing a Certificate of Compliance when he was not authorised to do so. Mr Belmar had installed the electrical fittings for a spa pool at an Auckland address using wires which had insufficient capacity for the load of the spa and therefore were at risk of catching fire. On finishing the installation, Mr Belmar completed a certificate of compliance for the work. The victims had hired Mr Belmar after he responded to their post on a community Facebook page that they were looking for an Electrician to do this work. Mr Belmar was not a registered Electrician; he had previously been issued a provisional licence, but this had lapsed in 2006.

The defendant was fined $1,750 for the unauthorised PEW charge and a further $500 for the unauthorised issuing of a certificate of compliance along with court costs on each charge.