Prosecution - EWRB v Ion Hangiu

On 12 August 2021, Mr Hangiu, a self-employed person, was sentenced for carrying out unauthorised prescribed electrical work in breach of the Electricity Act 1992.

He explained to the Court that he was under pressure from residents at a house to get a bathroom completed so it could be used. He said he understood that it was wrong and that it was a mistake.

The Judge decided that the offending fell at the lower end and that the circumstances indicated the offending was driven by an error of judgment under pressure from the occupants of the address where Mr Hangiu was doing work.

The Judge noted it was not commercially motivated and that Mr Hangiu was a good man who made a mistake and has learnt his lesson. Accounting for Mr Hangiu’s guilty plea, good character, lack of previous convictions, and remorse, the Judge imposed a fine of $700 plus solicitor’s costs of $226 and court costs of $130.