Prosecution - EWRB v Lal

On 7 April 2022 Ravin Lal was sentenced on a charge of carrying out unauthorised prescribed electrical work. Between 30 April and 30 May 2019 Mr Lal, through his company Ravsan Electrical Services Ltd, contracted to do electrical works at a residential address in Papatoetoe. 

The quoted work included the installation of LED downlights, power points, switches, distribution board with breaker, outdoor wall lights and sensor lights, and other miscellaneous work. Mr Lal intermittently did some of the work but left it incomplete. The homeowner engaged another company to complete the works and it was discovered that Mr Lal had left exposed live wiring on six circuits and that there were no Residual Current Devices (RCDS) protecting any of the live circuits on the switchboard. A thorough inspection report concluded there was incorrectly completed, substandard and unsafe prescribed electrical work carried out by Mr Lal.

Disputes Tribunal proceedings were initiated by the homeowner, and in the course of the proceedings Mr Lal claimed to be a registered and licenced Electrician but did not provide certification confirming this despite being asked to do so by the Tribunal. He was ordered to pay a fine of $6,866.76 by the Tribunal (including for the $2,890 which the victim had paid as a deposit for the contracted works). Solicitors’ costs of $226 and court costs of $130 were also ordered.