Prosecution - EWRB v Tu Nguyen

The Board successfully prosecuted Mr Nguyen who was fined $2,550 for carrying out unauthorised prescribed electrical work on his property and letting a university student do so as well.

An electrical worker was carrying out prescribed electrical work on the installation. He locked out the power supply over a weekend whilst the work was in progress. Mr Nguyen removed the lock out, livened the installation, and carried out prescribed electrical work including installing data and power sockets, switchboard fuses and LED lights.

When the electrical worker returned after the weekend he found the lockout had been removed and the power livened. He also found safety issues with the work that had been carried out by Mr Nguyen.

The electrical worker took the responsible course of action of reporting the matter to the Board. This allowed the Board to initiate proceedings in the District Court and to hold Mr Nguyen accountable.

If you know of persons who are not registered and are carrying out prescribed electrical work then let the Board know so that it can protect the public from them and ensure the value of your licence is maintained.