Upcoming changes for electrical worker licensing

A new stepped licensing pathway for registered electrical workers comes into force in September 2024. This provides a new way that electrical workers can move through their career. There are a few things that you need to be aware of now before these upcoming changes come into effect.

What does this mean for you?  

For now, no action is required. You can continue to carry out Prescribed Electrical Work (PEW) as you currently do.

Over the next 12 months we will communicate directly with all licensed electrical workers and explain what the changes mean for you. Please keep an eye on our website, your emails, and the Electron as these will be our main channels for sharing information during the 12-month implementation period.  

Notices and changes

On 1 September 2023, two Notices were published setting out a new Stepped Framework to better outline registration and licensing requirements for electrical workers. These include new prescribed classes of registration and competency requirements. The Notices will not come into effect until 1 September 2024. 

The Electricity (Prescribed Classes Registration for Electrical Workers) Notice 2023 prescribes classes of registration designated by the Electrical Worker Registration Board (EWRB) and specifies the prescribed electrical work that a person is authorised to do or assist in doing for each of those classes. More specifically, the Notices:

  • Change the requirements for registration across all classes.
  • Change the limits of work that can be carried out by each class of registration to align more closely with the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010; and,
  • Introduce new endorsed classes of registration to recognise the unique risks in particular working environments, these are medical cardiac protected areas, hazardous areas, mains parallel generation systems and supervision (a Stepped Framework).

You can read the full notice here:

Electricity (Prescribed Classes of Registration for Electrical Workers) Notice 2023(external link) — gazette.govt.nz

The Electricity (Prescribed Requirements for Competence Programmes) Notice 2023 prescribes requirements relating to the completion of competence programmes for individuals who apply for, hold, or apply for renewal of a practising licence or provisional licence.

You can read the full notice here:

Electricity (Prescribed Requirements for Competence Programmes) Notice 2023(external link) — gazette.govt.nz

Time frame for changes

There will be a transitional period where the 2019 Notice (Prescribed Classes Notice) will continue to be applicable. The 2019 notice (Competency Requirements Notice) will remain in force until the 2023 notices comes into effect on 1 September 2024. The image below sets out how the transition period will work.

Text of Stepped Licensing Update image

Image shows a series of steps from 1 September 2024 on the left to 1 September 2026 on the fight

1 September 2024

2023 Gazette Notices come into force.

Trainees, and those applying for additional classes of registration, can now apply under the new 2023 registration requirements.
2019 Notices are still in place for specific classes of registration.

The 2023 competency programme requirements must be met from this date onwards.

1 September 2025

2023 Gazette Notice requirements must be met by applicants seeking endorsed classes of registration linked to specific registration classes.

2019 Notice requirements may still be met for specific classes of registration (i.e. Electrician, Electrical Installer, Electrical Service Technician, and Electrical Appliance Serviceperson).

1 September 2026

All 2023 Gazette Notice requirements must be met by trainees/ those applying for additional classes of registration